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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Guys/ Ladies night in Atlanta...Go Out or Stay In?


    Its guy's night out or ladies' night out and it's your turn to pick everyone's naughty entertainment for the night. Of course, you don't want to spend a fortune, but you want everyone to have a great time. Either a special occasion or just a night out with friends, booking a mobile stripper is a great option to fulfill those needs! You can book a female dancer or male stripper typically having multiple choices with either. A lot of people like to drink while going out but don't want to and shouldn't drink and drive. If going out to an Atlanta strip club or night club is something of your interest. Why not give hiring a private mobile dancer a chance for memories that truly stick!? Picking a mobile stripper instead of going out for your guys/lady's night has many benefits. Main benefit being you don't have to worry about driving or gas! You can literally dance the night away with your friends and have the party come to you. Really, saving a good bit of money to spend on your male or female stripper.

Many residents and tourists in Atlanta look for fun things to do, whether you're at home, a cabin, lake house, or hotel you can have your entertainer come to you! If you're looking for some different entertaining things to do with friends, this option would be great to have fun in Atlanta. Having a ladies night out or in having a male dancer or a few, is an experience none of your girls will forget. You get to pick some of the sexiest male strippers in Atlanta and watch your friends go crazy and blush at the same time. If you have a special request as far as wanting your male entertainer to wear something specific like an outfit or bring toys and games, you have that option! With this, things get really interesting, and you can customize your fantasy instead of going to a strip club in Atlanta. Hiring a mobile entertainment company for a male or female stripper is a great option for Bachelor/ Bachelorette Parties, Birthday Surprises, Christmas Parties and so much more!

The same rules apply for your lady strippers. Customizing your mobile stripper experience is an option and don't forget your dollar bills and party favors! You don't have to worry about getting expensive drinks at the bar either. Memories that make Atlanta adult parties so much more memorable, especially when you are sharing them with friends! Hiring a mobile stripper from an entertainment company is easy and professional. All rules and regulations are known up front, security is typically provided to ensure a safe and fun time! So next time you're talking with friends about your next Ladies Night Out or Guys Night Out look into this amazing option!!!

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Building A Stripper Body

      Building A Stripper Body:🔑 Keys to Fitness & Success

 Strippers. Most likely you’ll imagine a dark room where you can see only silhouettes of people; flashing strobe lights give you only a glimpse of the faces around. And then there’s this smoking-hot, tightly-toned tigress slowly crawling on the floor towards you.

She leaves you open-mouthed, jaws hanging in unexplainable admiration and desire. Out of nowhere, you hand her your money, wishful to touch and own those smooth curves in exchange.

Some women may feel envious, not of the job as a stripper, but of their alluring figures. The glowing hair, shapely legs, well-toned abs, and the strength to climb the dance pole to perform acrobatic moves and stun the audience ‘ these are the things women usually admire about strippers.

The plan is to alternate lower and upper body workouts. If you start on Monday doing upper body exercises, you should proceed with lower body workout on Wednesday, and then return to upper body exercises come Friday; Tuesdays and Thursdays are reserved for cardio workouts.

Why the alternating pattern? Alternating workouts give your muscles time to recover while you strengthen other areas of your body. It also allows you to concentrate on one area per day, allowing you to spend all your energy on a specific muscle group.

A pair of dumbbells is necessary for the workout but you can also use a barbell that has removable plates for superior results. We recommend you include a barbell because it will require you to keep your form while you do overhead lifts and bicep curls. You’ll also be able to lift heavier weights which are of vital importance in this workout.
Select a weight you can handle to execute 8 reps with but heavy enough to make 12 reps difficult.

Whether it’s a 5lb, 20lb, or 25lb dumbbell, as long it makes 12 reps difficult for you to do, go with it. For those who have experience in bodybuilding, a 40lb dumbbell may do the trick.

Don’t select something that’s too light to lift. Just follow the 12-reps guideline in choosing the right weights for your workout.

Lift and lower the weights slowly and avoid swinging them just to complete your reps. To gauge the timing, say ‘I am sexy’ while you lift the weights up and follow it with ‘I am sexy and strong’ as you lower them down. This works as a confidence booster and helps you slow down your pace. The slow pace allows you to fully control the muscles and engage the muscle fibers in the exercise.

Maintain proper form at all times. Hold your core muscles strongly, keep your posture long, and do the exercises in front of a mirror to see if you’re still maintaining the correct form. Shoulders shouldn’t be slouching, weights shouldn’t be swinging, and abs are tucked tight. Remember to breathe with your stomach and plant your feet firmly as if you’re in standing.

Exercises for your upper body

The following sets of upper body workout can be done at home using the dumbbells and barbell we require. You can also do these exercises in the gym where weights are available.

Even if you can’t go to a gym and you don’t have dumbbells or a barbell, you can still do numerous bodybuilding exercises to strengthen your muscles. You can use your own body weight as resistance in place of weights.

Doing short bursts of exercise is also the smarter way to work out. It’s okay if you do an hour on the treadmill every day if you’re contented with the results. However, the plan is to get a stripper body and you definitely won’t get anywhere near that goal running 3 mi/h on a treadmill for an hour.
Remember the days you’re not working your muscles out? Start things right by doing a 30-minute intense cardio workout on these days. Below is a sample schedule you can use as a guide:

Monday: Upper body workout
Tuesday: Cardio training
Wednesday: Lower body workout
Thursday: Cardio training
Friday: Upper body workout
Saturday: Cardio training
Sunday: Free time
Monday: Lower body workout
Tuesday: Cardio training
Wednesday: Upper body workout

Using this schedule, you work muscles all throughout your body and you avoid overworking specific areas.

After your intense training, your metabolism rate will shoot up and it will keep burning calories for several more hours. Doing this kind of routine will help your body become more efficient in exercising. Your body becomes better as you get used to this intensive training, making you fitter, leaner, faster, stronger, and of course, sexier making more money!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Blurring Fantasy and Reality

Thanks to the worldwide success of the talented dancers and actors in Magic Mike and its sequel, Magic Mike XXL, the life of the quintessential "male entertainer" was been shown to the masses as a world of excitement, mischief, and wealth. All is very, very, true on a much smaller not so grandiose scale. Traveling cross country for a large event isn't uncommon. Many private events and big club promotions will pay an entertainer top dollar to travel via car, bus, plane, or train to give the crowd the best show ever.

In the movie, it showed the main crew partying it up with the hospitable housewives. In real life, a dancer can engage in the social atmosphere more comfortably and enjoy festivities with the patrons in their own home or event space. The dancer is responsible for how he chooses to enjoy himself with the party goers. Not highly advised but also not prohibited, if the dancer drinks alcohol in moderation. Awareness of his place in the party is key. Being the "sloppy drunk stripper" isn't the impression to leave with.

The guys in the movie also were "very friendly" with the ladies of the house. Being a male dancer, you're automatically under the assumption that you will be giving more than lap dances. This is where situational awareness comes into play, along with sensibilities. It is key to read the room. Ask, learn, and understand the boundaries of the crowd beforehand. Their comfort levels are very important and will define the success of the performance. Remember, communication is a factor on how well your experience and money is.

When you book one of our entertainers, make sure you let him know what you expect from him so he can do his best to provide it. Remember he is a professional and he is looking to make sure you have the greatest time. In doing so, you can get the Magic Mike experience sought after, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. If you are ready to plan your next big girls night, book here with them to ensure a happy ending to your party or event.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Learning When to Wear the Mask

Learning When to Wear the Mask

We all have a mask we wear around people but do those in the adult entertainment have it easier or harder when it comes to judgment from certain friends or family members? 

Life in the fast lane seems glamorous, exciting and easy going, being the center of attention everywhere they go. A deeper look into their life actually may bring a different perspective for some. They may not take their work home with them but they have to deal with constant judgment, classification and ridicule from friends, family, co-workers in other fields of work or neighbors in their everyday life.

Some accept their loved ones going rogue and getting into a dangerous and frowned upon line of work and employment to meet certain means of living and sustaining their life how they see fit. In most circumstances, family, friends or anyone existent in their life write them off entirely without a second thought. These are normally the same friends, family and associates that would disown or write off their own blood or a friend if they came out and said they were gay, bi-sexual, transgender, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or held a different political opinion.

Stereotyping and judging people like this not only affects those taking new paths in their life and discovering who they are or what they want to do with their own life. It directly and indirectly affects everyone from growing in life and finding what they like or don't in fear of being ridiculed or judged.

Adult entertainers get to tear down the walls they have up by forcing themselves to finance a certain way of life. Unfortunately, they also have to keep their lives extremely private or take a crap shoot and try their luck. The bright side is that it will help weed through anyone that is for you no matter what or force you to abandon many of the people who said they would love you and be there for you forever.

You must evaluate what is and isn't important to you and how badly you want to choose your own path or let someone else tell you how to live your life. Personally, I would not recommend anyone living their life a total lie and being someone you are not to everyone closest to you. It is also important to understand some people risk their life pillars, ie: professional careers, living wills, future jobs, children or sick loved ones. If you wear a mask, like we all do, make sure you wear it for the right reasons and it doesn't directly affect you finding who you are or where you want to be in life.

If you enjoy our informative adult entertainment lifestyle blogs then please support our local Atlanta strippers that are hard at writing by just SIMPLY following, commenting & sharing with others! We also greatly appreciate constructive criticism, your thoughts, feelings and feedback on our adult blog content we are all collectively coming together and writing here for you. We thank you bunches!

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Sunday, August 19, 2018

The History of Stripping, Strip Clubs and Strippers | A Must Read Rewind From Back in Time

The History of Stripping & Strippers

The first account of a woman getting "paid" for dancing erotically can be traced back to the Bible, where some interpreters tell us that the daughter of the Jewish Princess Herodias seductively performed the Dance of the Seven Veils to please King Herod during his birthday celebration. Herod was so impressed with (and probably so aroused by) the dance that he granted the daughter anything she desired. Obeying a request from her mother, Herodias's daughter reportedly replied: "Give me here upon a platter the head of John the Baptist." That's a pretty steep price that pious John had to pay for King Herod's viewing pleasure.

Part l: Females (ladies first!)

What's in a name?

Commonly referred to as strippers or go-go girls, women who do it for a living prefer to be called "exotic dancers." The establishments they work in are commonly called strip clubs but their proprietors prefer to call their businesses "gentlemen's clubs." Bottom line is that women in this industry get paid to sexually titillate men by dancing suggestively in as little clothing as possible without getting arrested, and in locations where laws allow, they dance totally nude. Regardless of the nomenclature, the field of stripping is dominated by women. Male strippers (think Chippendales) make up less than a third of the professional community.

But let's take a step back (way back) and look at the very beginnings of this sensual subculture. The earliest evidence of exotic dancing can be traced to Paleolithic cave paintings in the south of France, more than 20,000 years ago. Archeologists have uncovered miniature statuettes of exotic dancers near the Black Sea regions of Bulgaria and Romania that date back to the New Stone Age, or Neolithic Era, and are estimated to be over 9000 years old.

Dancing designed to sexually stimulate is thought to have begun as an ancient ritual to gain the favor of the goddesses of fertility and motherhood in hopes of successful reproduction as well as to increase the fertility of crops. Draped in animal fur, women who performed these dances would pose erotically as the furs were slowly removed to reveal the dancer's naked gyrating body.

During the height of the Greek and Roman Empires, erotic dances were also performed by priestesses in sacred temples. Much of the artwork from these times shows female dancers removing different articles of their clothing to the point of total nudity. Women were chosen for their beauty and vitality, and such erotic movements were performed in honor of the Moon, the hunt, and the god of wine, among other ritualistic purposes.

Getting Paid for Your Efforts

Moving to the 14th century, we find the advent of erotic dancing in the Middle East, in the art form of belly dancing. Not a thread of clothing was removed, but with its furious movements of the hips and pelvis, belly dancing meant to induce pleasure of a sexual nature and became extremely popular. Audience members would toss coins at the belly dancers, representing the first time women were paid cash for their erotic dancing services. During this time, erotic dancing was also common in the temples of India in the form of sacred rituals.

In the 18th century, sensuality and eroticism reigned supreme throughout Europe, compliments of the ladies of the court, who were paid to erotically entertain the menfolk as they dined during celebrations and banquets. These female courtesans popularized the fan as a sensual prop, which they used to accent their titillating dance moves to make them look mysterious.

Fast forward to more modern times, where erotic dancing blossomed in Britain in the late 1800s with the rise of British burlesque houses. Lydia Thompson, an English dancer, comedian, actress, and theatrical producer, became one of the most famous burlesque dancers on the London stage. Originally, burlesque performances incorporated a complete act with a combination of music, singing, humor, dance, and theatrics, and sexual parody; women undressing themselves in a sensual manner were only part of the show. Lydia is credited with bringing burlesque to America in 1868 with her troupe of "British Blondes" performing in New York City theaters. Lydia's performances involved chorus lines of beautiful, scantily clad women and sometimes involved audience intimacy without contact. No doubt, the burlesque industry quickly discovered that the main attraction was sex. Over time, burlesque shows began focusing mainly on suggestive sexual dances, and routines turned raunchy. Women became more uninhibited and the acts became more risqué. Of course, the church preached against these types of performances, but they only grew in popularity.

The early roots of modern stripping first appeared in the late 1800s when a new form of erotic dancing evolved into a dance known as the striptease. It was a gradual, soft, sensual way to undress in order to arouse. As the name suggests, women slowly undressed themselves, layer by layer, to titillate and tease in a blatant sexually suggestive manner as they revealed more and more of their flesh, down to pasties and a G-string covering up the essentials. Drooling men howled in appreciation as each piece of clothing hit the floor, leading the men to create and shout out the striptease catch phrase: "Take it off… take it all off!"

Throughout the late 1800s and early 1900s, the striptease influenced other forms of erotic dancing. A sexually provocative belly dance known as the "hoochie coochie" was introduced in Philadelphia and became wildly popular. Around the same time period, the French cancan appeared in Paris and was made famous at the Moulin Rouge cabaret. The cancan spread to America and also became a popular male pastime, as guys feasted their eyes on dancers who would lift up a leg to reveal their thighs, puffy slips, and underwear.

The 1920s saw a new twist to the striptease with the addition of pole dancing. Pole dancing originated at the height of our country's Depression. At the time, traveling fairs trekked from town to town to entertain with many different types of side shows, which were held in tents. In one of the side tents, women would striptease on a small stage in front of cheering men. The ladies incorporated the tent pole into their striptease routine, climbing to the top of the pole, grabbing the pole and swirling around it, and grinding and gyrating against it. The tent pole became known as the "dance pole."

In the 1950s, pole dancing graduated from tents to bars that catered to this form of entertainment. The elaborate, intriguing costumes strippers wore during their performances became part of the act. Stripping was slowly seeping into the American sex industry and becoming a staple.

Strip clubs were frequently raided and shut down for clashing with decency laws, but similar to what occurred with alcohol during Prohibition, the government and religious institutions just couldn't stop the onslaught of their popularity with American men. Editorials and sermons had no chance of influencing where many men chose to spend their recreational time. As a result, this era saw the enacting of new zoning laws and restrictions on the limits that female dancers could interact with their customers in order to regulate the strip club industry.

The 1960s and 1970s saw a steep rise in the number of strip clubs as society was going through a sexual revolution and becoming more accepting of displayed sexuality, and the strip club survived despite public protest and strict city regulations.

During the 1970s and 1980s, almost all strip clubs incorporated poles onstage to accommodate pole dancing, as this practice became popular among strippers. Another addition to the art form was big boobs! Breast enlargement surgery became enormously popular with women in the business as big breasts became synonymous with strippers.

The infamous lap dance (contact dancing) started out in Montreal in the early 1990s. Lap dancing eventually migrated to the United States and was made legal in this country in 1999. Also in the late 1990s, pole dancing techniques used by strippers were turned into a legitimate form of exercise for women with the introduction of pole fitness. The first instructional pole fitness and dance DVDs emerged and even a National Pole Dancing Championship was created.

Nowadays, in most strip clubs, the women wear skimpy bikinis or G-strings that leave little to the imagination. There's rarely a striptease show, just pole work. Ladies move about on stage as guys gawk at their nearly naked bodies. Some strippers will bump and grind against one another onstage to the enjoyment of their male audiences as the pounding beat of loud rap music intoxicates the room. From ancient ritual to modern-day entertainment for men who typically watch with a stiff drink in hand, stripping has come a long way, baby!

Stay tuned for The History of Stripping: Part II: Male Strippers Get Into the Act

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Friday, August 17, 2018

Free Your Entertainment Spirit

One person may say video games, standup comedy and amusement parks are entertaining. Others night find stripclubs or porn is their kind of entertainment. What entertains you? No matter what your spoils are as long as it doesn't hurt yourself, anyone else or damage anyone's property I say to everyone,  you do you. What thoughts do you have on entertainment. What keeps you entertained in life? If you don't have an answer or know anyone answer you better wake the fuck up in life and get with the program and get in your vortex!

 #freedom #entertainment #yourrights #discrimination #love #life #liberty #liberation #recreational #bitcoin

Leave your comments, questions and answers below please. Thank you.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Personalities, Characteristics and Profiling Strippers in Strip Clubs

Strippers Don't Start Stripping 'cause They Are on a Winning Streak!

Strippers R' Us

Most people won't bare it all and start stripping because they were on a winning streak or were doing extra well in life. They may love to dance and get attention but it takes a certain kind of personality to pull it off. Not just anyone can do it. You either got it or you don't. Those who really stick with it and see it all the way through usually come out on top. What type of personality traits do you need to be successful?

Some exotic dancers start off dancing because they may be uneducated but yet impatient to get ahead in life. Then again some don't know how important a good education really is until it is unfortunately too late. That might be a certain clear moment of clarity finely tuned and engrained by pure experience one goes through. Not that they are any less than or deserve to be an exotic dancer before anyone else out there with a better educational background. Lawyers, doctors, accountants and government law officials have put themselves through college taking their clothes off one dollar at a time. You don't have to have any brains or wits to make the money, you just have to have them to keep the money is all!

There are these certain entertainers that begin because they just want to accelerate their hustle on the side some. Or perhaps to grow their business they already have going on. There are those that are simply famous models or headliners at events that literally do it for more social media followers and to market their brand. All while at the same time stacking their dough and being their very own brand ambassador at all their shows, parties, clubs or events.

A good number of male and female dancers begin just because they are of legal age. They may be rebelling with their family and parents. Or even perhaps an authoritative figure just no longer has anymore authority over them and they feel finally free! On the flip side you might get some fresh young teens that just simply want a cushy & comfortable life moving forward. Meaning funding all their college residency and even may possibly pay off their student loan before ever even graduating with their degree. 

There are the dancers that have mommy and/or daddy issues and seek outside approval & attention from the opposite sex out of mere pure unintentional habit of trying to regain something they were badly missing in life. It is codependency at its core but both parties involved tend to not care and may take liking to their role in the unusual partnership. They take what they can get as long as they don't enter into that dark place of verbal & physical abuse by their partner or lover. Many girls and women all over the world allow violence like this to go on too many times without standing up for themselves. That is until it is too late OR they have had enough and find their true inner selves deep down inside. This true awaking & cleansing process can make one become almost a reborn spiritual being once freed from their abuser and captor. Not sure exactly why but many dancers in this grey area of experience, strength and hope are likely to develop unusual & uncommon kinks in society such as ddlg, baby roleplay, BDSM, role play, bondage, etc. That should go to show that a mother's love and a father's love is something absolutely crucial and imperative in child development stages.

There are always the young, free & wild party girls that are typically raver chicks, nerdy girls or hippie chicks who always try to find the bright side of the adult entertainment industry. Whether it just simply be the club, the management, the money being made, the house mom, the friendships with other dancers, the new amazing encounters with strangers and the unity of adults in full nudity bring everyone together (and of course the $1's let's not forget). Humans can safely interact, mingle & fellowship in a friendly controlled environment allowing this particular kind of dancer to thrive most being one might say, almost her 2nd natural habitat. Feeling free in such a controlled environment allows these dancers to just be themselves as if at home. This kind is usually quite optimistic of their life normally but they can see the positive objective goal more than they've ever before from this revolutionary view. Rapidly meeting with so many men/women from all over the world in so little time from all walks of life, while ranging from all shapes, colors & sizes. All may seem well. This may seem the best choice dancer for this certain environment but the free spirited ones are a hit or miss. Mainly because they at times get a little too into partying instead they should be worrying about hustling, making money and the big picture. The thing with these is they can slowly start to unravel. Likelihood that it will go undetected is low. This cycle is typically sure to repeat for a time while she tries to manage it personally herself and then will make attempts to start controlling what she is already unknowingly dependent on. After some time things surely start to take a fall for the worst. This is until they eventually face some consequences, are in dire need, hit a bottom and seek out the proper help. Or set appropriate measures to hold themselves accountable and to positively keep themselves in line while on the clock working. 

We now we have the single mother or single father trying to give their seedling or young children the best life they can the whatever means necessary. These dancers tend to be the most responsible and can most definitely fixate and keep their eyes on the prize of making lots of money! They work all day climbing the pole, doing pole tricks, doing private dances and all working for a dollar at a time. At the end of the day they go home to theirs kids, husband & family all to say to themselves it was all worth it.

The smartest strippers, exotic dancers and entertainers operate like this: they get in, they make hella money, only strip for maybe 1 - 3 years, open a business or create their own money making side hobby/hustle and then they get the hell out of dodge! Of course once someone, really anyone, gets a taste of the good life they naturally tend to crave and go for the better things in life. It is common for  dancer to upgrade their lifestyle no matter who they are. Once these dancers get a taste though of the good life, they break their very own promise to themselves, "I promise to only dance this long then I'm quitting!" 

Those I would say are your garden variety dancers you see the most. We also have the seasoned dancers that know they "should of" probably hung up the thong awhile ago but unforeseen circumstances have made it not possible at this moment in their lives. These dancers aren't all too common in the larger & more popular strip clubs scenes. This older dancers (40 & up) each club will have at least one or two of them only at a time working a shift. It is only the lower end & slummy strip clubs that will have a 60/40 wining ratio of these sexy cougars on the prowl.

Last but not least we go to the simple girl next door waiting table being flirty. Next that particular girl will see that flirting can go a long way. So she puts on her big (orange) girl panties and graduates to Hooters being just more flirting with a little extra sexy added to it right? Wrong, not enough money for the effort and acting put in. Now she goes where she knows she'll make more, she goes Go-Go Dancing. We already knows what happens from here but I'll will just amuse you instead. She obviously goes not much longer straight into stripping at a local strip club. After the club some girls find out how much money is in fetishes to they broaden their horizon to find money even easier to come across. Porn or escorting are usually the end of the road. Go big or go home? Most don't attempt that route because it can also be a dark & lonely road to take and can end very badly sometimes. Girls have ended up in bad and scary situations becoming sex workers and easily picked up by sex trafficers. This is easily done because most escorts work alone then if not alone they will most likely have a pimp taking half the money or more. Also that is a good way to end up in jail by getting caught up in a sting operation. Porn could just really embarrass yourself and hurt your ego is all if your family was to come across your adult video online. Ultimately so many are now doing amature porn and selling it for pennies on the dollar at the end of it all. Porn stars typically come and go a lot faster than strippers do. 

Some dancer's families do not speak to them because they choose these paths of sin involving nudity, dance art performance, fetish, porn and it is extremely mean and sad. Everyone should be free to be themselves in this world no matter what.  Keep that in mind the next time you look into a dancer's eyes while steadily seeing their sexy & sumptuous dancing body in your peripheral but yet right in front of your face. I am sure their are many more character profiles, various characteristic and speciality traits that could be done a dozens more times This is what immediately comes to mind when asked the question "What kind of Person Becomes a Stripper?" If you have any that stand out to you that you would like to contribute share or comment on that would be very valuable to this particular subject. Feel free to comment below. We may consider rewriting such articles in the futue and could always use the input however large or small it may be. Thank you. 

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Thursday, August 2, 2018

What is stripper life? Is there anything beyond after stripping?

StripperLife & Beyond

Life In The Fast Lane 💨

Everyone imagines the life of a stripper to be of one in the limelight and living life in the fast lane. I am sure the spectrum of varying stories change often as much as a person changes their socks or shoes. One must also take into account a great deal of variations depending upon their individual lives, the total sum of life experiences & how they view the world. 

Strippers Don't Have Feelings! 

   A big portion, I would take into account, would definitely be how one may personally compartmentalize as well as deal with their feelings, relationships & how they display certain particular  behaviors whether it be in a healthy way or a non-healthy way. A person might also might factor in how they deal with past trauma, present drama, fear of the future, losses through life or any personally conflicting situations that have happened or that arise in life whether it is good, bad or indifferent. Some may enter into the industry out of rebellion to their family, friends and loved ones while the other may just join to merely party for free, for the experience and to make a decent living while doing so. I guess it really doesn't matter how you ultimately get into it but what you do with it when you are in it and how you spend your money. Some might get tired of it quickly or perhaps meet their financial goals earlier than anticipated. Some end up on the darker side of things like in a vicious cycle of dangerous habits, destructive behavior & bouts of clinical depression from indulging in too many spirits (natural depressants) while working the floor or in between shooting films or just as bad... drugs

Do strippers have a shelf life? 

   Old age is an adult entertainer's worst nightmare. Once age settles in you find out what parts of your body are taking the first toll and you begin to notice facial lines materialize or worse wrinkles! Some in the industry will stay in the business and make a whole career out of it with their own certain unique branding, niche and image portrayed online until old age says enough is enough, profits plummet or their own personal health catches up & gets the best of them. With adult entertainment so widely all over the internet it definitely makes being able to stay in the industry for a lot longer than the shelf life of a stripper say 15 + years ago!

   There are tons of real strange and unusual fetish sites, such as &, that show various types of fetish that sound so crazy you will be in utter disbelief at what you are reading and seeing before your eyes; ie: apron fetish, hairy arm fetish, balloon fetish, burping, trampling, rope bondage, small penis humiliation, cock & ball torture and 1000's more! 

High Paying Summer College Job

Anyway... moving right along. Some exotic dancers get into dancing at strip clubs or doing private parties to get through college. This makes it able for them to float and to easily afford their tuition, fees, room & board, school supplies, college textbooks and everyday just simple living expenses without having to take on a part-time or full time job while striving to maintain their college GPA score of close to a (wishful thinking) 4.0.

There are even some dancers that may only get into it because they had a child or have children too early in their life. A lot of kids these days are having children in their teens or twenties and most times they wish they were better prepared or a little further along in life than when they had their son or daughter but they of course now swear they wouldn't take it back for anything in the world. Some might even say the best accident they've ever in life that they'd never take back! Some from this poor planning in life figure, "Ah what the hell I'll do it for my children," because there's no other way they can see out or to catch back up at their 9 to 5 pm grind daytime job day in and day out, everyday & every week seeming as the last, making just enough to cover bills, groceries, gas, formula, diapers, etc. If the person in question has good family values, a solid backing and support network such a task may not be as overbearing or worrisome as someone that does not have anyone, has very few friends, has no family, has no relatives or has no loved ones. Being young most youth aren't at all financially ready to be actual parents or accept the responsibility of all of what it fully entails. They are also not at all prepared for many of the unknown hardships & bumps in the road that lay along their unpaved path and journey ahead.

Are Strippers With Stretch Marks & Fat Allowed To Strip At Strip Clubs or Adult Entertainment Companies

    That goes without saying if the dancer's body isn't scared or stretched out too badly (causing serious stretch marks that resemble tiger claw marks) from having a child they are able to seek out and pursue pretty much any kind of adult jobs in the adult entertainment field. Though their options may be limited depending on how deep their scars are and/or how much left over fat in their mid torso or stomach region.

One Way To Tear Down Your Walls & Barriers

   Many exotic dancers & entertainers began their journey on a scary path of the unknown not quite sure of what really to expect. Especially with all the negative jive and stories that hit the press from time to time on particular incidents involving either a stripper, a strip club or illegal pimp online or on the television news channel. Unless they have a close friend or relative to coach them along the way and help them get there foot in the door most newbie dancers haven't the slightest idea what is in store for them up ahead. Life is most times like that no matter which doors you choose to walk through or have to go through there is always the fear, doubt & uncertainty that lies awake & lurking in the deepest & darkest corners of your mind. Most people on earth find that after the letting down their guard, tearing down their walls and fine tuning themselves people tend to find their innermost self through their most transforming of times. Typically only when a person has literally had thousands of various different interactions with so many different personalities on a regular basis every week while only wearing their birthday suit at the same time literally nonstop going through a rich full life of unique & one of a kind experiences will they come out of their shell down to their innermost core. Most times they ironically seem to come out of it stronger and even a better version of their previous self before it all happened in the first place. That's of course after sensibly taking the proper time one's individual self and spirit might need to properly process all the unplaced & difficult emotions. After an individual goes through enough difficulty & uncomfortable experiences one sometimes find new perspective and they eventually began to quit caring what others think of them. They begin to only care about what they think of themselves and what kind of life "they" want to live. They will improve more upon not only what they personally think of themselves but even more so about what they think of the select number of people they are close to, cherish, love and hold dear to them. They will learn to somewhat learn to real energy, auras and be a better judge of character to the wolves in sheeps clothing of the world. Selection then for a select few, that are nonjudgmental & non-cynical to your freedom of choice & how to choose to live out your life, will become a cornerstone to your overall health, sanity and overall well-being.  One should always be cautious when letting just anyone in their life and their very own personal special circle or their bubble of trust.

Exotic Dancing Is A Lot Like Driving A Car

 I guess you could compare it to the the first time you ever drove a motor vehicle. I am sure that before & during your first few hundred experiences you probably most likely recall being scared, nervous, anxious, disoriented, confused, sweaty palms, churning stomach, stress, irritable bowels or all the above. In time you should have become more and more comfortable with driving the foreign entity as time passed on. Until the individual gets so comfortable and familiar with every action until it's no longer foreign and literally feels like it's second nature. Then you are seen driving down the road one day doing a thousand things at once; ie: putting makeup on, eating, knee driving, talking on the phone while adjusting the air... all at the same time., Adult film stars along with female and male strippers, I believe, are some of the most in tune and in touch individuals you'll sometimes ever meet. You are forced to face all your fears (or at least most of them) by repetition & constantly doing it over and over again it up until it doesn't even require thought or a plan of action. 

To Strip Or Not To Strip? That Is The Question. 

But What Is The Answer Though??? 

You just do it. It will become just natural instinct to do something you've done so many times already before. It just takes getting practice. They say practice makes perfect! Let's face the facts. Ultimately you really only have two options with what to do with all the fear you have in you about getting into the adult industry...

You can: 
  F.ace                       F.uck
             E.verything    or        E.verything  
A.nd                        A.nd
R.ecover                 R.un

You can Face Everything And Recover simply by facing your fears, adapting to the new change, recovering and grow from it or you can let fear take full control with that noise maker going off in your head saying all negative thoughts. Things like, "you can't do this," "you're never gonna make it Dewey Cox," "what if they boo me off stage," "you can't dance well enough to do this," "what if someone finds out that I know," "what if something terrible happens to me", "what if I'm not pretty enough" or "what if the other girls are mean to me like back in high school." It's really up to you. The "what if" will stop people most of the time. These people think about it then think themself right back out of it. Sometimes they'll get half way, a quarter of the way or right up to the very moment of stripping and freak & sike themselves out of it overthinking and over analyzing it in their jumbled, scared & nervous heads. To these we see them just straight say Fuck Everything And Run. The only person it's going directly affect is you.

I Didn't Have Any Other Choice But To Go Strip

Remember every choice you make in life can affect you negatively or positively for the rest of your life. The secret is perception. This can be a view from an outside interest who has no affiliation as to not cause any conflict of interest. A view from another person's eyes is so you can see things not in an emotional,  irrational or personal light but to allow one to better respond versus react. You make your bed you're going to have to lie in it. Many people say, "Oh but I didn't have a choice." Everyone ultimately always has a choice (unless one is held of course against his/her own will). You are your own person & should stand tall & proud of the decisions you make regarding "your life" and how you choose to live it. Especially if it is doing something that helps to excel yourself in a positive meaningful direction with means to an end.

Coming Out That I'm A Stripper To Family

Many are always so worried about what others will think of them, what their friends will say, what their family will do and how the public light and anyone who may know may or may not view them or how they may treat them. Now of course if you have deeply worried & loving people in your life you can always compromise or reconsider.

Relationships, no matter what kind they, compromise & clear communication are vital to avoid complications and confusion. Granted your loved ones have a practical & sensible alternative solution to your dilemma and/or problem that isn't something you've already tried or thought at length on. Also are they willing to contribute & sacrifice their own valuable time helping you out, assist with financial resources or money to the cause of your betterment & well being of your life similar to how you want it or envision it one day? You should at least hear them out and take their opinions & considerations into account but make sure it is coming from a loving place. Not one with someone who has seriously seeded, untreated power issues or control issues who everyone is secretly afraid to point out to them when that someone gets into big bully mode and start power tripping over nothing and accomplishing nothing. Find out what does he/she or they gain or lose (or in fear of losing) if you were to choose to take the fast lane to reach your sought out fame, fortune or happiness?

" There's got to be a quicker & faster way to get ahead in life! "

   Some people are more in fear of their damaging their own personal ego, reputation & pride versus what's actually happening or the undeniable possibly of it just so happen to possibly be you in that person's shoes one day. These self absorbed & judgemental individuals do not know what you've been through, where you want to be & what deep within your core has screamed out to the universe saying, "There's got to be a quicker & faster way to get ahead in life! " They sometimes won't care or won't take into consideration what all you already know you may or may not have to go through, endure and sacrifice to get to whatever goal you are aiming to accomplish by said amount of time you wish in your head. Even if you have said by this certain particular age I want these things acquired in my life and to be this far along in life they won't understand because they are not you and you are not them. You become sad because most of your life you were (for the most part) completely satisfied with YOUR - life timeline. You've always had kinda what you wanted to be laid out in your head as a child, teen or young adult growing up but lost that somewhere along the way. It starts to hurt you because it might seem as though your loved ones are slightly insulting your intelligence by making you feel like you aren't thinking clearly and you haven't put any real thought in this adult entertainment industry career choice. They won't likely understand you are seeking out to achieve your own personal path, long term goals & "end goal" which is the whole real reason of you two having and being on that current topic of conversation in the first place. Making a decision like this isn't made just for any reason. Ultimately deep down inside it is a cry for help sadly to say. But one to themselves for not looking out for the one & only person that, in the end, has their back & has to live with themselves... themself. 

" You don't become a stripper, a fetish model or porn star because you were on a winning streak"

   Naturally normal people (unless talking about thirsty men) don't jump head first into stripping, porn, fetish industry & cam modeling because you were on a winning streak and doing so well in life. That this opportunity just seemed like the next right thing to do that came along out of the blue and landed square in your lap calling your name while saying it must be written in stars. It's quite the opposite actually. It isn't all about what happened that got the person to this point (unless it's a life history lesson not to try to repeat again) but what the person doing about their dilemma once they start or once they have been doing it for some time. Saving money, budgeting, investing wisely and going into business for themselves is the wiser more responsible option and action sometimes taken. Others may use it for school to get a degree or a certificate of some sort to advance upon their continued education. But unfortunately there are those that don't get in, make a ton of money & get out that get hardcore into drugs, crime, prostitution and spending all there fast cash on flashy stuff, experiences, toys & living a more expensive & lavish lifestyle. This will continue most likely until they go to jail, rehab or their health deteriorates to where their looks are no longer passable for any strip club, stripper agency, porn production companies or fetish content producers that'll hire them. Now they have wasted even more time and life. They are back where they started having to grab any paying job they can get their hands on whether it be retail, washing dishes or serving at restaurant just to make ends meet. 

Adult Entertainment Industry Jobs & Freelancers

Now some entertainers actually catch a break & get offers that derived and materialized from being a stripper, fetish model, webcam model or porn star and land a talent, model, Hip Hop video vixen or actress role along the way in their adult careers. This has been happening more and more with the surfacing of the internet and the vase sea of interconnections all over the web. Along with all the social media platforms we have out there and available at our fingertips this day and age. It is really no wonder why Hollywood & Atlanta's new Hollywood uses so many exotic dancers, fetish models, cam girls and porn stars in so many movies, shows, films & videos these days. Definitely says something about what the internet has done in making this acceptable by overindulging & becoming desensitized from so much exposure over the years. This was primarily to online porn, webcam chating with live models, sexting, sex chat hotlines, custom made fetish videos, strippers in rap songs, twerking videos all over YouTube and fetish & lifestyle communities like on This online community openly welcomes pretty much anyone over 18 + who too seeks online individuals with similar fetishes and kinks. This is where someone might go for solace, refuge, acceptance & further education into the lifestyle from many other like minded individuals that share the same common goals and interest as they do. Not too mention everyone over sexualizing anything and everything just to receive online attention and get likes, comments, shares, follows, subscribers or to go viral & become "instafamous" like some Instagram models and big online influencers.

Adult Entertainers Taking Film Acting

Roles In Atlanta 

   Many Atlanta film producers have even openly mentioned in large groups and panels that acting and putting on "that" mask is what entertainers, performers and exotic dancers are best known for because they literally do it repetitively on a consistent basis. They do this with little if any impromptu, switching character persona at the drop of a hat, when entertaining fully nude for viewers and clients in person or online. I believe that tempting and luring a viewer and onlooker to keep their eyes on you & only you is something of skill and brass. Not just anyone can do it. 

I Love Turning You On ❤

Just imagine being put on the spot & you have to attempt to create a stimuli response and one of a kind lust & desire in a show for a person(s) that are complete strangers so much to where they pay your time, performing arts services & then true fact that they are paying for THAT chemical change in their brains. That stimuli response you stirred deep inside of them was passed on from generations is entirely carnal & animalistic in so many ways. All this is completely normal to the human species & should just be accepted openly versus repressing & ignoring it because society, religion, politics, family or whoever. 

Playing Telephone - Hunters & Gatherers

Likelihood that through playing " Telephone " through so many different religions for 1000's of years there might have been a slight part of some information, involving our sex conduct, incorrect or inaccurate? Doesn't add up and it just isn't practical if you think about it. We all know how just ONE small single sentence can't hold its weight, truth or validity in just a small circle of twenty five people in is minute allott of time going around being whispered from one person to the next all to hear the final finished product absolutely butchered and slaughtered all to hell and back. If we humans act and are the same as any other animal on earth put here to reproduce, procreate & evolve. Is it not fair to say maybe we messed this one up along the way somewhere? I think so... If you do your research you will see marriage was a recent concept in the whole scope & scheme of things out of the total amount of time we humans have been in existence (on record) on earth. We have always for the most part been hunters and gatherers. We have worked in groups, families and tribes taking care of one another sharing everything. Value, prestige, riches & property came about and we assumed a new role forced by the wealthy and powerful to join forces, allies & sometimes inherit wealth, property or both.

Art Of Sexual Seduction

 - Genetics & Pheromones -

We were born with a genetic code passed from our ancestors to react and respond to a sexual body parts or partners we are attracted to which then which in turn releases pheromones to prompt for immediate mating & reproduction procedures within our own species that we at that particular moment find sexual attraction towards. Now granted yes I know we are more civilized and humane today and don't go around having sex with the first person that tickles our fancy down below! To be able to create and wield instantaneous, spontaneous & absolute undeniable desire and energy in another's direction and make him have a physical reaction (warm face, blushing, nervousness, the shakes, trembles, butterflies in stomach excitement, heart racing, arousal, erection, sloppy coordination of speech) is definitely a true gift and an energy we should fully accept, embrace, explore and not shame one another for anymore when everyone literally does it. The lust in a person watching a stripper varies but tends to at times be so powerful to where you feel obligated & it provokes a natural response in the person(s) to tip or show some appreciation in their beauty as a sexual but respected being created from the same spirit and energy you are. This experience is a magical & natural human art form few have in them to pull off  for another human being and make a practice of it so much that it looks good and hits all the right notes deep within your body

Proper Stripper Tipping Etiquette - 101 Stealing is Stealing

   If you find a male or female stripper at a strip club pleasing to look at their body then one should act on that and tip accordingly. One should treat a simple glance or look like a travel tour,  price for admission to a sports event, an amusement park, skydiving, a movie, a carnival, a cruise, etc. Just this attraction is of a different nature but pretty much all the same concept nonetheless. You are paying for the views, the experience and the way it made you feel. You are walking through the zoo looking at all the animals in their cages without paying the entry park fee. You stealing their zoo views is just like staring at a stripper up on stage for at least a quarter of one song and not tipping her at all. 70% of men at strip clubs do this trick unfortunately... pay $10 to $20 entry, pay for a couple drinks, close out their tab just to go hide in a corner or a spot not blatantly right directly in front of the stages so someone does not get onto them for sitting so close and not tipping even though they are in the best seat in the club and should tip. 

Stripper Rules & Regulations

   Adult entertainment is the same way as anything of course needs boundaries (security) & rules (simple common respect) of conduct just like any amusement park says no smoking in the park or no selfie sticks on the roller coasters. You will still always get those that like to push the envelope but that is why safety is of the utmost importance, accountability & screening is done by most in the adult industry. This is mostly on the female entertainers side because men drinking around nude or scantily women have been known to push the envelope a tad too far. Safety precautions are not required for male entertainers in the business though except for STD tests of course. We all know we like strippers occasionally & some more than others.

"This is who we are and this is what we are."

   Everyone here reading this I am sure you've all watched porn, looked at nude pics or even seen a hot Instagram model that made your mouth water & something down in your pants tingle. We as humans all enjoy good experiences, feeling some sort of way and and viewing things that are pleasing to the eyes to see. The sooner we accept facts: this is who we are and this is what we are...  the better. We have to learn to love & accept anyone and everyone regardless if they are in entertainment or are not in entertainment. No matter what religion they believe in, what the color of their skin is, what their sexuality is, what there sexual preference is, what political party they are with, what political party they are not with, what they do for a living, what's there education, how they look, how they dress, what they wear, what they drive, where they live, where they are from, how they talk, who they know, who they don't know, what kind of upbringing they had and what they like to do behind private doors. 

I Am Okay With Me. Are You Okay With Me? 

As long as what a person does is legal, abides by local state law & sanctions, not harming themselves, not harming someone else, damaging someone's property and not stealing then your conscience and energy should be in alignment with the manifestations you are trying to put in sync with your one precious life. Give yourself a break, put down the bat, follow your intuition, follow your dreams, to thy own self be true, judge no one, follow your energy & think about what you can bring, give or contribute to the situation instead of what you are getting out of it or what you are taking away. Do the "next" right thing. Post comments, feedback, request and questions below. Thank you! 

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