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Personalities, Characteristics and Profiling Strippers in Strip Clubs

Strippers Don't Start Stripping 'cause They Are on a Winning Streak!

Strippers R' Us

Most people won't bare it all and start stripping because they were on a winning streak or were doing extra well in life. They may love to dance and get attention but it takes a certain kind of personality to pull it off. Not just anyone can do it. You either got it or you don't. Those who really stick with it and see it all the way through usually come out on top. What type of personality traits do you need to be successful?

Some exotic dancers start off dancing because they may be uneducated but yet impatient to get ahead in life. Then again some don't know how important a good education really is until it is unfortunately too late. That might be a certain clear moment of clarity finely tuned and engrained by pure experience one goes through. Not that they are any less than or deserve to be an exotic dancer before anyone else out there with a better educational background. Lawyers, doctors, accountants and government law officials have put themselves through college taking their clothes off one dollar at a time. You don't have to have any brains or wits to make the money, you just have to have them to keep the money is all!

There are these certain entertainers that begin because they just want to accelerate their hustle on the side some. Or perhaps to grow their business they already have going on. There are those that are simply famous models or headliners at events that literally do it for more social media followers and to market their brand. All while at the same time stacking their dough and being their very own brand ambassador at all their shows, parties, clubs or events.

A good number of male and female dancers begin just because they are of legal age. They may be rebelling with their family and parents. Or even perhaps an authoritative figure just no longer has anymore authority over them and they feel finally free! On the flip side you might get some fresh young teens that just simply want a cushy & comfortable life moving forward. Meaning funding all their college residency and even may possibly pay off their student loan before ever even graduating with their degree. 

There are the dancers that have mommy and/or daddy issues and seek outside approval & attention from the opposite sex out of mere pure unintentional habit of trying to regain something they were badly missing in life. It is codependency at its core but both parties involved tend to not care and may take liking to their role in the unusual partnership. They take what they can get as long as they don't enter into that dark place of verbal & physical abuse by their partner or lover. Many girls and women all over the world allow violence like this to go on too many times without standing up for themselves. That is until it is too late OR they have had enough and find their true inner selves deep down inside. This true awaking & cleansing process can make one become almost a reborn spiritual being once freed from their abuser and captor. Not sure exactly why but many dancers in this grey area of experience, strength and hope are likely to develop unusual & uncommon kinks in society such as ddlg, baby roleplay, BDSM, role play, bondage, etc. That should go to show that a mother's love and a father's love is something absolutely crucial and imperative in child development stages.

There are always the young, free & wild party girls that are typically raver chicks, nerdy girls or hippie chicks who always try to find the bright side of the adult entertainment industry. Whether it just simply be the club, the management, the money being made, the house mom, the friendships with other dancers, the new amazing encounters with strangers and the unity of adults in full nudity bring everyone together (and of course the $1's let's not forget). Humans can safely interact, mingle & fellowship in a friendly controlled environment allowing this particular kind of dancer to thrive most being one might say, almost her 2nd natural habitat. Feeling free in such a controlled environment allows these dancers to just be themselves as if at home. This kind is usually quite optimistic of their life normally but they can see the positive objective goal more than they've ever before from this revolutionary view. Rapidly meeting with so many men/women from all over the world in so little time from all walks of life, while ranging from all shapes, colors & sizes. All may seem well. This may seem the best choice dancer for this certain environment but the free spirited ones are a hit or miss. Mainly because they at times get a little too into partying instead they should be worrying about hustling, making money and the big picture. The thing with these is they can slowly start to unravel. Likelihood that it will go undetected is low. This cycle is typically sure to repeat for a time while she tries to manage it personally herself and then will make attempts to start controlling what she is already unknowingly dependent on. After some time things surely start to take a fall for the worst. This is until they eventually face some consequences, are in dire need, hit a bottom and seek out the proper help. Or set appropriate measures to hold themselves accountable and to positively keep themselves in line while on the clock working. 

We now we have the single mother or single father trying to give their seedling or young children the best life they can the whatever means necessary. These dancers tend to be the most responsible and can most definitely fixate and keep their eyes on the prize of making lots of money! They work all day climbing the pole, doing pole tricks, doing private dances and all working for a dollar at a time. At the end of the day they go home to theirs kids, husband & family all to say to themselves it was all worth it.

The smartest strippers, exotic dancers and entertainers operate like this: they get in, they make hella money, only strip for maybe 1 - 3 years, open a business or create their own money making side hobby/hustle and then they get the hell out of dodge! Of course once someone, really anyone, gets a taste of the good life they naturally tend to crave and go for the better things in life. It is common for  dancer to upgrade their lifestyle no matter who they are. Once these dancers get a taste though of the good life, they break their very own promise to themselves, "I promise to only dance this long then I'm quitting!" 

Those I would say are your garden variety dancers you see the most. We also have the seasoned dancers that know they "should of" probably hung up the thong awhile ago but unforeseen circumstances have made it not possible at this moment in their lives. These dancers aren't all too common in the larger & more popular strip clubs scenes. This older dancers (40 & up) each club will have at least one or two of them only at a time working a shift. It is only the lower end & slummy strip clubs that will have a 60/40 wining ratio of these sexy cougars on the prowl.

Last but not least we go to the simple girl next door waiting table being flirty. Next that particular girl will see that flirting can go a long way. So she puts on her big (orange) girl panties and graduates to Hooters being just more flirting with a little extra sexy added to it right? Wrong, not enough money for the effort and acting put in. Now she goes where she knows she'll make more, she goes Go-Go Dancing. We already knows what happens from here but I'll will just amuse you instead. She obviously goes not much longer straight into stripping at a local strip club. After the club some girls find out how much money is in fetishes to they broaden their horizon to find money even easier to come across. Porn or escorting are usually the end of the road. Go big or go home? Most don't attempt that route because it can also be a dark & lonely road to take and can end very badly sometimes. Girls have ended up in bad and scary situations becoming sex workers and easily picked up by sex trafficers. This is easily done because most escorts work alone then if not alone they will most likely have a pimp taking half the money or more. Also that is a good way to end up in jail by getting caught up in a sting operation. Porn could just really embarrass yourself and hurt your ego is all if your family was to come across your adult video online. Ultimately so many are now doing amature porn and selling it for pennies on the dollar at the end of it all. Porn stars typically come and go a lot faster than strippers do. 

Some dancer's families do not speak to them because they choose these paths of sin involving nudity, dance art performance, fetish, porn and it is extremely mean and sad. Everyone should be free to be themselves in this world no matter what.  Keep that in mind the next time you look into a dancer's eyes while steadily seeing their sexy & sumptuous dancing body in your peripheral but yet right in front of your face. I am sure their are many more character profiles, various characteristic and speciality traits that could be done a dozens more times This is what immediately comes to mind when asked the question "What kind of Person Becomes a Stripper?" If you have any that stand out to you that you would like to contribute share or comment on that would be very valuable to this particular subject. Feel free to comment below. We may consider rewriting such articles in the futue and could always use the input however large or small it may be. Thank you. 

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