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Saturday, July 13, 2019

How Much Do Male Strippers Make?

How To Be A Male Stripper?

How Much Money Do Male Strippers Make?

Alright, so a male stripper in a straight male strip club averages only $50 to $500 a night working in the strip club. Unfortunately, this is typically on the lower end. This usually is for about 4 to 8 hours worth of dancing. In a gay male strip club, male dancers make around $200 to $1000 a night. The range depends on how many private VIP room dances or how many regulars saw you that night. Of course, there is also the mystery money from "extras" in a VIP session that may contribute. In the club, male strippers, honestly only have a real chance of making money on a weekend. Or maybe, it's a unique feature the other male entertainers don't have. Meaning, you have to bring something that is new, a rarity or not commonly seen. This can be impeccable dance moves/routine, a hairy chest vs not a hairy chest, tattoos, a certain look, an amazing personality, a unusually taller than normal gentleman or a costume & little tricks no one has ever seen someone pull out before.

Along with the club scene come the drama, headache and competition. Personalities run the gamut. The shit starters, the junkies, the hotheads, the ego maniac, the emotional drunk. Then, there's those who undercut prices or the horndogs that do everything for free. Not saying all adult establishments are like this but these personality traits are also most common in the stripclubs. Most male strip clubs will tolerate certain things until they just find more warm attractive bodies to replace them.

At the club it is mandatory to tip out the staff. The door man, the DJ, the manger, the bartender, the cocktail waitresses/waiters & the security guards at least $50 minimum OR nearly 20% of your earnings. On top of that, add the fee for your breathalyzer at the end of the night, whether you drink or not. Especially week nights you will average out your total and realize you worked for minimum wage or less. THIS IS CRAZY

Now, the club is an excellent way to line up work outside of the club just by flirting, chit chatting and networking. This is my personal experience, strength and hope on the adult male stripper working at a male strip club.

The Private Party Stripper

Then, we move on to the male stripper working as a mobile male stripper performing strip-o-grams, surprise parties, male revues and other types of ladies night out parties or events. This route pays a lot better than the option of stripping in the club! You are always guaranteed an upfront base pay of $100 to $300, depending on how far you have to travel. Ladies are told if you want the dancer to stay longer then the ladies present should be tipping accordingly. The booking agency gets their money upfront. Don't work for companies that ask for money from you on top of a booking fee - pure greed. So, the upfront and all the tips are all of yours to keep. These girls night out parties are usually an hour long. Male strippers, exotic dancers & entertainers typically average anywhere from $200 to $500 in JUST one hour dancing and taking a few photos. In order to be booked as a stripper online, you will have to be okay taking photos or videos.

Private parties too is a great way to personally network whatever else it is you do in REAL LIFE in the "real" world. This can be handing out your business cards for personal training , home renovations, massage, photography, marketing, credit repair or whatever entrepreneurial venture you have as other streams of income. Ladies like to see that you are trying to advance your life, business or career and working towards a goal. About half of the male exotic dancers that I have personally met were actually fitness trainers, body builders, nutritionist, cross trainers or health coaches. It seems to be a good side source of income utilizing the goods and attributes one in those lines of work would already naturally have. The majority of these adult parties that book mobile male strippers are passion parties, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, sorority parties, divorce parties & local clubs & bars.

Male Revues

There's also male revues. They can be hit and miss (depending on the promoting & marketing). They tend to make less than the private parties at homes, apartments, log cabins & hotels. This is because once again, competition between performers. Two, sometimes the crowd can be slim. If marketing starts at least 3 months in advance and is done through the proper online marketing channels, a male revue can be a gold mine. But, very few know the combination to that secret sauce.

Staying In Shape

I have almost seen any average size dude bulk up or work out some and become a male stripper. The best tip I can really give is to keep practicing the same vibration. Watch tons of YouTube videos of male strippers doing certain moves and tricks. Practice on a friend at home until you get it right and trying it on for size with some thirsty ladies looking for some Magic Mike moves. The first few times for parties you will get this positive feedback like, "That was so AMAZING" or "We loved it when you did _____". It is literally all downhill from there. The positive feedback will send you off soaring! It is always recommended though to ask (via text) do they have any limitations or physical restrictions with themselves to always prevent a lawsuit or worse criminal charges. One girl's limitations of being touched may be different than another's. The bachelorette may not want to be picked up at all due to a bad back. A girl may be totally into you, then turn around afterwards and complain crying to the stripper booking agency looking for a refund or a payoff settlement. That is why EVERYTIME I do a party I always send out this exact text,

" This is your male entertainer confirming for 10 pm tonight at 1999 Barberrie Lane Decatur Georgia 30032. Do you personally or do any of your guests in attendance at your party have ANY restrictions whatsoever (no inappropriate touching, no full nudity, cannot be lifted, wants shirtless only, etc), any personal injuries or any important things that I need be made aware of before arriving tonight and performing all my Magic Mike style routine & tricks on you and the females present at the show? Also do you have any questions at all for me that I can assist in answering for you before we start? Thank you. "

In addition, a good tip to live by is don't shit where you sleep. Don't mix business with pleasure at your party. Girls will judge you, judge their friend(s) and worst of all judge the entertainment company. Not to mention, it tends to make things a little awkward. Nobody wants you to dance for their next ladies night out party in fear that you will just come to fuck. Also, the women at these parties picture YOU are probably promiscuous at ALL of your parties. Not to mention, you really don't know these girls. The one sucking your male stripper dick or who you slide in under her skirt with no panties while no one was looking. Either contenders could be an irresponsible working girl, have an STD or sleep with male strippers everytime she sees one. I mean, it's not too far fetched. Just some tips from the wise and experienced you might say. You can take what you want and leave the rest. This can be the best 1, 3, 5 or 10 year ride of your life or the absolute worst decision in your life. It is up to you, really.

The Sex Industry

The internet is a vast universe and something fucked up can end up going viral and spiral dangerously out of control. I have heard of some private entertainers who will masterbate to porn real quick, have sex with someone or get a girl to jerk them off literally right before performing by someone they know and trust. Some male strippers in the adult entertainment industry fuck up a few times at the beginning at their adult careers by being man sluts. They'll hookup & allow not legal behavior to be performed on them at most of the gigs and parties they do until a little maturity kicks in & you realize exactly what you are doing after getting fired, sued or arrested once or twice. I personally later corrected my ways & my vibrations after a year or so but definitely once I started getting into shooting pornography & fetish videos because you HAVE TO be clean! I personally thought at the beginning that I might have a porn & sex addiction. Quickly I became desensitized to most things like exotic dancing and that no longer was a real concern of mine any longer. After 8 + years of dancing I have to take Viagra or Cialis to get aroused when I shoot porn or fetish videos for myself, producers or porn companies. I kinda look at it like this... When you drive a Ferrari every day, the newness and excitement of the car fades after a while. It just doesn't seem all that it was worked up to be once you get what you couldn't have and when the rarity become the social norm for you. That is at least my experience and take on it. I enjoy sex it is just my penis has gotten smarter and I think is tired of being fooled and teased at parties to where he will awaken but without any real stimulation or action he retires right back to his soft and flaccid self.

If you mix business with pleasure then just get a name & number for heaven's sake. Revisit the romantic connection another time on different terms & conditions. This will keep things more professional and in good standings with the booking customer, the company who booked you & your overall reputation online. This will save you a lot of heartache in the long run because let's just be honest... You can't really trust anyone nowadays! How do you know that group of girls aren't just setting you up for a lawsuit or to put you in jail for a close friend of theirs you cheated on with? Don't play with your life guys! No chick, pussy or good time is worth catching something, losing all your owned possessions in a lawsuit or doing extensive jail time over because you decide to get your Willy wet at a sensitive time of the "Me Too" movement where THE REAL sick & dirty men are finally being punished for their sexual assaults over all of these years! Don't be stupid is all. Moving right along... So me personally I find the more parties I do the less my penis wakes up. But, when I do one party per month "he" tends to might or might not wake up during my performance for THAT ONE girl(s). With just the right chemistry with me, the right compatible pheromones & the certain "look" that I am most into will get "him" going. So below I have included a photo taken along side my loving and precious cat Goblin. I have pictures upon pictures of this adorable cat laying all over my dirty and nasty stripper $1's after a night of stripper parties. Every single time I would dump the money out he wouldn't let me count it because he wanted to roll all in and all over the money first before he would let me have it. Now to think of it he kinda was my pimp! 😜 So all of this was my take home earnings from a single night dancing only 4 adult parties in all; 2 bachelorette parties, a sorority party & a 10 minute birthday surprise strip-o-gram (which I only danced 2 songs for btw). This added up to 2.40 hours in total (not including drive time) making around $1000. My preference as you can clearly can see is private parties but I have too heard difference experiences from male strippers that work in the strip club as well as this being a flip for them saying they don't do as well at private parties as they do the strip club or male revues. Everyone will have a difference experience, story to tell and advice to give. All I have is my Experience, Strength & Hope. Thank you. 💗

Earnings Just From One Night of Adult Parties

I hope this helped you answer a few questions for you or anyone else in search of information online on "How to Become a Male Stripper?" or "How Much Money Do Male Strippers Make?" Thank you for reading if you made it down to here on the blog post. 

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