Thursday, November 3, 2022

Becoming a Male Stripper

     With movies and shows such as Magic Mike and All the Queen's Men, male stripping is becoming mainstream. Men discover their sexual identities, develop artistic skills, and improve their bodies through male stripping, whether on stage or at private parties. Performing creates confidence and eliminates insecurity, earning these men hundreds of dollars each week. The same is true for private bookings and even the popular "sip-and-paint/life drawing" socials. My name is Johnny L. Hopkins and I live in Spindale, North Carolina. I will list my reasons for pursuing male stripping and what I want to accomplish in the Atlanta market.

      Male stripping, in my view, is the artistic and seductive performance for a group of women. Male stripping is not dancing but uses several genres within dance to convey romance and seduction. These routines are carefully choreographed to the skills and talents of the male performer. There are three types of male strippers, depending upon these men's skills, talent, and maturity. The first are stage shows  where guys perform routines and have limited, but controlled interactions with women. The second type is private parties, emphasizing lap dances and party games. Thirdly, are clubs such as Humk-O-Mania, where stage and personal performance elements are evident.

     I want to give my motivations for becoming a male stripper. My first reason for pursuing male stripping is to stretch myself physically and artistically. Dancing requires attention to moves and timing to successfully pull off routines. I am a trained creative in information technology, and striptease would expand upon those skills. The second reason is to be my best self physically, as I have participated in fitness coaching towards the end of 2021. A good physique helps with bookings and creates sexual fantasies for women. The third reason is trying something new, which gets me out of my comfort zone. Being shirtless and dancing for women requires me to be vulnerable and confident. Having confidence allows me to perform at my best, whether on stage or in private bookings. Fourthly, it will allow me to travel and meet new people. Male stripping is a global phenomenon, and working through the industry's artistic, physical, and creative aspects opens doors to many opportunities (modeling, music videos, etc.). Finally, I am inspired by watching male strippers online perform for women. Even though the clips are short, I can imagine myself being on stage or at a bachelorette party.

     I want to be a stripper in the Atlanta market because of the myriad opportunities for gigs and events. Atlanta is an urban environment and relatively open-minded about adult entertainment. I want to focus on private parties. I would also like to perform on stage periodically, but my heart is on private bookings. Making private bookings will develop my skills in lap dancing and learning how to perform in small environments. Having a personal connection with women strengthens me as a performer, and I want to show the world that I have confidence and skill in this industry.


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Monday, October 10, 2022

Corona Virus Pandemic & Sex Workers in America

Sex Work is Work

Before the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic the sex worker population all around the world definitely wasn't what it is now! Sex workers were rallying & staying together to save what ground they had left to stand on. Today on the other hand is an entirely different story it seems! Now we fast forward to after the pandemic it seems as though everyone and their mother has an Onlyfans account or are a sex worker in some form or fashion. Through the devastating and difficult times normal everyday people had to explore new ways of getting money than they were accustomed to. Without money coming in or reliable means to work for their livelihood many turned to Onlyfans, webcam modeling & shooting adult content online. What for so long society, religion and culture has tried to suppress, hide, bury and deter people (especially women) now is the only way left for the survival of many. What would many of people have done if the internet didn't exist and sex work was not an option? Would our government, the religious organizations or the rich elite really have cared or stepped up to save the homeless, jobless, poor or the struggling sector of the middle class? I guess we will never know. Honestly without sex worker I can almost guarantee we'd have a lot more famine, deaths & struggling families during corona virus pandemic. Not to mention sex work is CLEARLY helping with the financial inequality that is plaguing America and the world for that matter. The only downside I could find in sex work would be the amount of people doing it and how saturated the market is but honestly where there is contrast there is clarity. So I am most certain over time that things will level out and there won't be quite so many in the adult entertainment business. On the other hand this could awaken the "demons" in everyone and everyone and their grandmother will start working what their mamma gave them! Whatever it is you do or choose to do just be sure that you do it because YOU want to do it and not because of outside circumstances. Not all sex work requires or include sex, pornographic material or even nudity for that matter! So if you are exploring what field of sex work is right for you I suggest reaching out to some sex workers via social media and see what their opinions are, what they would recommend if they had to do it again and what top three things they like about being a sex worker the most. This could be you simply asking an online prostitute advertising on Snapchat, sliding in the DM's of your favorite stripper that you follow on Instagram or you just asking one of the the millions of webcam model or Onlyfans model on Twitter. From the looks of things we'd like to congratulate sex workers for taking the lead, due to the pandemic, and letting the world know that the oldest profession in history isn't going anywhere anytime soon!

Written by: Moore Bliss

Jasmin Jai

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

My Experience as a Baby Stripper so Far!

I am Bambi Blake! I recently started working with MC Entertainment and Services dancing for private parties. I have gained so much from this experience. Many people think that being a stripper must mean that you have no self-respect. This is simply not true! We have rules, and consequences for not following them! We are here to TEASE, not to PLEASE! IT is very important for people to understand that becoming a stripper and realizing the importance of these rules, and enforcing them at every party, no matter how much money is offered! Learning this has made me more confident in setting boundaries in my personal life and not being afraid of what someone may say, when they don't get their way. Learning the standards at which this company holds their dancers to, has encouraged me to become the best version of myself. I've always taken care of myself, but sometimes, I put me last. They have taught me that I come first!! 
    One of the many reactions I get when I tell people that I am a stripper is, "wow, I wish I had your confidence", or "my boyfriend would never let me do that". First of all, I don't need permission from anyone, ANYONE, to do anything. Especially when it comes to making money for my future. While this may not be a career, it is definitely helping me get to a position financially, where I can start to live the life that I want. It is up to my partner to get on the same page as me. As far as the confidence thing, yeah, I can't lie. I had to fake it the first few times. I almost threw up before every party!! Keep in mind, when I say I am a baby stripper, I mean it. I have never even worked in a club before. I like to dance, and I have always been considered "thick" by a certain demographic who usually like strippers, so I decided to go for it!! The confidence came after I saw how much money I made after the first party. The confidence grew once I realized how much control I actually had over the situation, at all times. After 30 minutes-1hr, if the party isn't tipping, or paying for party games, I'm not staying! This means, the more you pay, the longer I stay! During my most recent party, the guys there said multiple times, "I'm loving me some Bambi"! If that doesn't make you feel good, I'm not sure what will!! 
        You learn as you go in this industry! The guys at these parties can tell when you are nervous. While they don't usually care at all, they can usually tell. They won't bring it up unless you do, but it's much better to approach every situation like you know exactly what to do, and just have fun! That is what it is really all about! They are having a party, so obviously they are there to have a good time. Don't be uptight and rude, make conversation and be silly and tell THEM what's going to happen!! Since entering into the industry, I have been able to dedicate more time and energy on my OnlyFans, as well as being able to start a studio on Clips4Sale! I am growing more confidence, more clients, more opportunities, and it hasn't even been a year yet! I am super excited to see my personal growth and the growth in my platforms over the next year! The people you surround yourself with really does matter! You want to be around people who are doing the things you want to be doing, and people who have the things you want to be able to have, as well. 
        There are a lot of great things that come from being a stripper, as well as a sex worker! You get to meet a lot of great people. You will learn a lot about yourself. Including things, you do and don't like to do, places you do and don't like to go, you name it! You will gain confidence in ways you never thought possible. You will feel powerful and unstoppable! Then you will find out how many people that you personally know, are also into it, but just don't talk about it! But that's okay! Everyone isn't going to be open about everything that goes on in their lives. You just have to stay positive and remain humble! Also remember, there is never anything to be ashamed about. You have the ability to do what so much of the world WOULD NEVER even consider doing! You will get nasty comments, but you just have to ignore them and realize that the mouth the comments come from, is attached to someone who doesn't have what it takes to be HALF of the person that you are!! Keep working hard and achieving your goals and little by little you will get to where you want to be!

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Monday, April 25, 2022

Is it Safer to Book a Stripper on Instagram or Online?

A lot of entertainment is found online through different avenues. This day and age, most things are sold and purchased on social media. This new trend of purchasing goods and services can be a good and a bad thing. In this blog, I will be discussing the pros and cons to finding entertainment online on a social media platform such as Instagram or Facebook.


Some of the benefits of finding an independent artist on a social media page can be the artist may cost less seeing that there is no middleman or 3rd party agency involved. Another may be the quickness to find or locate talent online in your local area, if you had a last-minute entertainment crisis. A few other perks could be that you can verify they are in fact real and legitimate by their photos posted as well as having it on a timeline to see and view a natural progression of their everyday life. One might find out more details such as additional photos, listed awards, undisclosed talents and costumes one might have never known about going through a company or entertainment business.


Cons in this case could range from a few different things. Some of these things could be the entertainer or talent not responding back in enough ample time. Also, there is no real way to guarantee that they are reliable, will be on time or will show. Nine times out of ten the model, actress or entertainer will not give out their personal number or information especially if you have no history with them or haven't built any rapport yet. Cons could also be that it is a well put together fake Instagram account or someone hacked and stole someone's account. This is not always the case but is something that can't be ignored as a possibility. If something happens, hiring a stranger off of Instagram, you couldn't report it to a manager, file a complaint or have them fired. Not to mention, you don't know if this person is of safe mental health or someone you want knowing your personal address and information. Seeing someone through a lens that only they allow their viewers to see. Also, it leaves the question as to why they aren't being represented by anyone or managed by an entertainment company. Were they let go, found not reliable or too much for anyone to handle or put up with? These are all things going through an entertainment company would weed out over time. 
Without being properly vetted you are really just ultimately letting a complete stranger into your home. Searching for entertainment on the internet can be a good experience or a devastating experience whether using an independent artist online or even merely choosing a rookie novice entertainer. Nobody ultimately knows, but some pros may interest you more than some cons or vice versa. Anyway, whatever choice you choose please be safe when shopping online and do your own due diligence when scouting for professional entertainment online. I hope my short blog about whether or not booking a stripper(s) on Instagram is safer than booking a stripper from a stripper booking agency online.

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Becoming a Male Stripper

     With movies and shows such as Magic Mike and All the Queen's Men , male stripping is becoming mainstream . Men discover their se...