Monday, April 25, 2022

Is it Safer to Book a Stripper on Instagram or Online?

A lot of entertainment is found online through different avenues. This day and age, most things are sold and purchased on social media. This new trend of purchasing goods and services can be a good and a bad thing. In this blog, I will be discussing the pros and cons to finding entertainment online on a social media platform such as Instagram or Facebook.


Some of the benefits of finding an independent artist on a social media page can be the artist may cost less seeing that there is no middleman or 3rd party agency involved. Another may be the quickness to find or locate talent online in your local area, if you had a last-minute entertainment crisis. A few other perks could be that you can verify they are in fact real and legitimate by their photos posted as well as having it on a timeline to see and view a natural progression of their everyday life. One might find out more details such as additional photos, listed awards, undisclosed talents and costumes one might have never known about going through a company or entertainment business.


Cons in this case could range from a few different things. Some of these things could be the entertainer or talent not responding back in enough ample time. Also, there is no real way to guarantee that they are reliable, will be on time or will show. Nine times out of ten the model, actress or entertainer will not give out their personal number or information especially if you have no history with them or haven't built any rapport yet. Cons could also be that it is a well put together fake Instagram account or someone hacked and stole someone's account. This is not always the case but is something that can't be ignored as a possibility. If something happens, hiring a stranger off of Instagram, you couldn't report it to a manager, file a complaint or have them fired. Not to mention, you don't know if this person is of safe mental health or someone you want knowing your personal address and information. Seeing someone through a lens that only they allow their viewers to see. Also, it leaves the question as to why they aren't being represented by anyone or managed by an entertainment company. Were they let go, found not reliable or too much for anyone to handle or put up with? These are all things going through an entertainment company would weed out over time. 
Without being properly vetted you are really just ultimately letting a complete stranger into your home. Searching for entertainment on the internet can be a good experience or a devastating experience whether using an independent artist online or even merely choosing a rookie novice entertainer. Nobody ultimately knows, but some pros may interest you more than some cons or vice versa. Anyway, whatever choice you choose please be safe when shopping online and do your own due diligence when scouting for professional entertainment online. I hope my short blog about whether or not booking a stripper(s) on Instagram is safer than booking a stripper from a stripper booking agency online.

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