Thursday, November 3, 2022

Becoming a Male Stripper

     With movies and shows such as Magic Mike and All the Queen's Men, male stripping is becoming mainstream. Men discover their sexual identities, develop artistic skills, and improve their bodies through male stripping, whether on stage or at private parties. Performing creates confidence and eliminates insecurity, earning these men hundreds of dollars each week. The same is true for private bookings and even the popular "sip-and-paint/life drawing" socials. My name is Johnny L. Hopkins and I live in Spindale, North Carolina. I will list my reasons for pursuing male stripping and what I want to accomplish in the Atlanta market.

      Male stripping, in my view, is the artistic and seductive performance for a group of women. Male stripping is not dancing but uses several genres within dance to convey romance and seduction. These routines are carefully choreographed to the skills and talents of the male performer. There are three types of male strippers, depending upon these men's skills, talent, and maturity. The first are stage shows  where guys perform routines and have limited, but controlled interactions with women. The second type is private parties, emphasizing lap dances and party games. Thirdly, are clubs such as Humk-O-Mania, where stage and personal performance elements are evident.

     I want to give my motivations for becoming a male stripper. My first reason for pursuing male stripping is to stretch myself physically and artistically. Dancing requires attention to moves and timing to successfully pull off routines. I am a trained creative in information technology, and striptease would expand upon those skills. The second reason is to be my best self physically, as I have participated in fitness coaching towards the end of 2021. A good physique helps with bookings and creates sexual fantasies for women. The third reason is trying something new, which gets me out of my comfort zone. Being shirtless and dancing for women requires me to be vulnerable and confident. Having confidence allows me to perform at my best, whether on stage or in private bookings. Fourthly, it will allow me to travel and meet new people. Male stripping is a global phenomenon, and working through the industry's artistic, physical, and creative aspects opens doors to many opportunities (modeling, music videos, etc.). Finally, I am inspired by watching male strippers online perform for women. Even though the clips are short, I can imagine myself being on stage or at a bachelorette party.

     I want to be a stripper in the Atlanta market because of the myriad opportunities for gigs and events. Atlanta is an urban environment and relatively open-minded about adult entertainment. I want to focus on private parties. I would also like to perform on stage periodically, but my heart is on private bookings. Making private bookings will develop my skills in lap dancing and learning how to perform in small environments. Having a personal connection with women strengthens me as a performer, and I want to show the world that I have confidence and skill in this industry.


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Becoming a Male Stripper

     With movies and shows such as Magic Mike and All the Queen's Men , male stripping is becoming mainstream . Men discover their se...