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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Stripping is what got me into Modeling, Believe It or Not!

Working for the Atlanta adult entertainment company I work for, required me to get professional photos done by an Atlanta professional photographer that they provided for me or from a photographer that I might personally know or prefer myself. I knew of no one so I went with their licensed and professional company photographer that they recommended me. The reason the company needs a professional photo of you is to put you on their website so you can be booked for parties, shoots and gigs. Without those photos displayed on their website they said that no one will know that I even exist and they would rarely have any or much work for me. One thing I was informed to do by the company management was to put my professional photos on a website called Model Mayhem. They are a website for models to get noticed by other photographers. Or even the other way around for photographers to shoot a famous or non famous model. Once you make your profile and upload photos and give credit to the photographers your all set. And that’s what happened with me, once I created my profile and uploaded the professional photos. I have had photo shoot after photo shoot, whether it be a nude photo shoot or a lingerie photo shoot. They are fun and it gives you more followers for your instagram. The followers then give you more people that want to book you on the website. The photographers are based upon your comfortably. If your not comfortable getting naked then do a fashion photo shoot or a swimsuit shoot. I have done about four photo shoots since I’ve been on Model Mayhem. You get to meet new people while taking sexy pictures of yourself and later getting to show the world those sexy pictures. My hopes is to get enough content, enough followers to where I naturally start getting request for paid and featured shoots. If you are looking to get into modeling in Atlanta there are many ways to enter into modeling industry and this is just one of them. I hope you enjoyed my short read on how I became a model in Atlanta Georgia. To see what I look like in person to anyone interested click HERE! ;)


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