Thursday, November 3, 2022

Becoming a Male Stripper

     With movies and shows such as Magic Mike and All the Queen's Men, male stripping is becoming mainstream. Men discover their sexual identities, develop artistic skills, and improve their bodies through male stripping, whether on stage or at private parties. Performing creates confidence and eliminates insecurity, earning these men hundreds of dollars each week. The same is true for private bookings and even the popular "sip-and-paint/life drawing" socials. My name is Johnny L. Hopkins and I live in Spindale, North Carolina. I will list my reasons for pursuing male stripping and what I want to accomplish in the Atlanta market.

      Male stripping, in my view, is the artistic and seductive performance for a group of women. Male stripping is not dancing but uses several genres within dance to convey romance and seduction. These routines are carefully choreographed to the skills and talents of the male performer. There are three types of male strippers, depending upon these men's skills, talent, and maturity. The first are stage shows  where guys perform routines and have limited, but controlled interactions with women. The second type is private parties, emphasizing lap dances and party games. Thirdly, are clubs such as Humk-O-Mania, where stage and personal performance elements are evident.

     I want to give my motivations for becoming a male stripper. My first reason for pursuing male stripping is to stretch myself physically and artistically. Dancing requires attention to moves and timing to successfully pull off routines. I am a trained creative in information technology, and striptease would expand upon those skills. The second reason is to be my best self physically, as I have participated in fitness coaching towards the end of 2021. A good physique helps with bookings and creates sexual fantasies for women. The third reason is trying something new, which gets me out of my comfort zone. Being shirtless and dancing for women requires me to be vulnerable and confident. Having confidence allows me to perform at my best, whether on stage or in private bookings. Fourthly, it will allow me to travel and meet new people. Male stripping is a global phenomenon, and working through the industry's artistic, physical, and creative aspects opens doors to many opportunities (modeling, music videos, etc.). Finally, I am inspired by watching male strippers online perform for women. Even though the clips are short, I can imagine myself being on stage or at a bachelorette party.

     I want to be a stripper in the Atlanta market because of the myriad opportunities for gigs and events. Atlanta is an urban environment and relatively open-minded about adult entertainment. I want to focus on private parties. I would also like to perform on stage periodically, but my heart is on private bookings. Making private bookings will develop my skills in lap dancing and learning how to perform in small environments. Having a personal connection with women strengthens me as a performer, and I want to show the world that I have confidence and skill in this industry.


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Monday, October 10, 2022

Corona Virus Pandemic & Sex Workers in America

Sex Work is Work

Before the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic the sex worker population all around the world definitely wasn't what it is now! Sex workers were rallying & staying together to save what ground they had left to stand on. Today on the other hand is an entirely different story it seems! Now we fast forward to after the pandemic it seems as though everyone and their mother has an Onlyfans account or are a sex worker in some form or fashion. Through the devastating and difficult times normal everyday people had to explore new ways of getting money than they were accustomed to. Without money coming in or reliable means to work for their livelihood many turned to Onlyfans, webcam modeling & shooting adult content online. What for so long society, religion and culture has tried to suppress, hide, bury and deter people (especially women) now is the only way left for the survival of many. What would many of people have done if the internet didn't exist and sex work was not an option? Would our government, the religious organizations or the rich elite really have cared or stepped up to save the homeless, jobless, poor or the struggling sector of the middle class? I guess we will never know. Honestly without sex worker I can almost guarantee we'd have a lot more famine, deaths & struggling families during corona virus pandemic. Not to mention sex work is CLEARLY helping with the financial inequality that is plaguing America and the world for that matter. The only downside I could find in sex work would be the amount of people doing it and how saturated the market is but honestly where there is contrast there is clarity. So I am most certain over time that things will level out and there won't be quite so many in the adult entertainment business. On the other hand this could awaken the "demons" in everyone and everyone and their grandmother will start working what their mamma gave them! Whatever it is you do or choose to do just be sure that you do it because YOU want to do it and not because of outside circumstances. Not all sex work requires or include sex, pornographic material or even nudity for that matter! So if you are exploring what field of sex work is right for you I suggest reaching out to some sex workers via social media and see what their opinions are, what they would recommend if they had to do it again and what top three things they like about being a sex worker the most. This could be you simply asking an online prostitute advertising on Snapchat, sliding in the DM's of your favorite stripper that you follow on Instagram or you just asking one of the the millions of webcam model or Onlyfans model on Twitter. From the looks of things we'd like to congratulate sex workers for taking the lead, due to the pandemic, and letting the world know that the oldest profession in history isn't going anywhere anytime soon!

Written by: Moore Bliss

Jasmin Jai

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

My Experience as a Baby Stripper so Far!

I am Bambi Blake! I recently started working with MC Entertainment and Services dancing for private parties. I have gained so much from this experience. Many people think that being a stripper must mean that you have no self-respect. This is simply not true! We have rules, and consequences for not following them! We are here to TEASE, not to PLEASE! IT is very important for people to understand that becoming a stripper and realizing the importance of these rules, and enforcing them at every party, no matter how much money is offered! Learning this has made me more confident in setting boundaries in my personal life and not being afraid of what someone may say, when they don't get their way. Learning the standards at which this company holds their dancers to, has encouraged me to become the best version of myself. I've always taken care of myself, but sometimes, I put me last. They have taught me that I come first!! 
    One of the many reactions I get when I tell people that I am a stripper is, "wow, I wish I had your confidence", or "my boyfriend would never let me do that". First of all, I don't need permission from anyone, ANYONE, to do anything. Especially when it comes to making money for my future. While this may not be a career, it is definitely helping me get to a position financially, where I can start to live the life that I want. It is up to my partner to get on the same page as me. As far as the confidence thing, yeah, I can't lie. I had to fake it the first few times. I almost threw up before every party!! Keep in mind, when I say I am a baby stripper, I mean it. I have never even worked in a club before. I like to dance, and I have always been considered "thick" by a certain demographic who usually like strippers, so I decided to go for it!! The confidence came after I saw how much money I made after the first party. The confidence grew once I realized how much control I actually had over the situation, at all times. After 30 minutes-1hr, if the party isn't tipping, or paying for party games, I'm not staying! This means, the more you pay, the longer I stay! During my most recent party, the guys there said multiple times, "I'm loving me some Bambi"! If that doesn't make you feel good, I'm not sure what will!! 
        You learn as you go in this industry! The guys at these parties can tell when you are nervous. While they don't usually care at all, they can usually tell. They won't bring it up unless you do, but it's much better to approach every situation like you know exactly what to do, and just have fun! That is what it is really all about! They are having a party, so obviously they are there to have a good time. Don't be uptight and rude, make conversation and be silly and tell THEM what's going to happen!! Since entering into the industry, I have been able to dedicate more time and energy on my OnlyFans, as well as being able to start a studio on Clips4Sale! I am growing more confidence, more clients, more opportunities, and it hasn't even been a year yet! I am super excited to see my personal growth and the growth in my platforms over the next year! The people you surround yourself with really does matter! You want to be around people who are doing the things you want to be doing, and people who have the things you want to be able to have, as well. 
        There are a lot of great things that come from being a stripper, as well as a sex worker! You get to meet a lot of great people. You will learn a lot about yourself. Including things, you do and don't like to do, places you do and don't like to go, you name it! You will gain confidence in ways you never thought possible. You will feel powerful and unstoppable! Then you will find out how many people that you personally know, are also into it, but just don't talk about it! But that's okay! Everyone isn't going to be open about everything that goes on in their lives. You just have to stay positive and remain humble! Also remember, there is never anything to be ashamed about. You have the ability to do what so much of the world WOULD NEVER even consider doing! You will get nasty comments, but you just have to ignore them and realize that the mouth the comments come from, is attached to someone who doesn't have what it takes to be HALF of the person that you are!! Keep working hard and achieving your goals and little by little you will get to where you want to be!

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Monday, April 25, 2022

Is it Safer to Book a Stripper on Instagram or Online?

A lot of entertainment is found online through different avenues. This day and age, most things are sold and purchased on social media. This new trend of purchasing goods and services can be a good and a bad thing. In this blog, I will be discussing the pros and cons to finding entertainment online on a social media platform such as Instagram or Facebook.


Some of the benefits of finding an independent artist on a social media page can be the artist may cost less seeing that there is no middleman or 3rd party agency involved. Another may be the quickness to find or locate talent online in your local area, if you had a last-minute entertainment crisis. A few other perks could be that you can verify they are in fact real and legitimate by their photos posted as well as having it on a timeline to see and view a natural progression of their everyday life. One might find out more details such as additional photos, listed awards, undisclosed talents and costumes one might have never known about going through a company or entertainment business.


Cons in this case could range from a few different things. Some of these things could be the entertainer or talent not responding back in enough ample time. Also, there is no real way to guarantee that they are reliable, will be on time or will show. Nine times out of ten the model, actress or entertainer will not give out their personal number or information especially if you have no history with them or haven't built any rapport yet. Cons could also be that it is a well put together fake Instagram account or someone hacked and stole someone's account. This is not always the case but is something that can't be ignored as a possibility. If something happens, hiring a stranger off of Instagram, you couldn't report it to a manager, file a complaint or have them fired. Not to mention, you don't know if this person is of safe mental health or someone you want knowing your personal address and information. Seeing someone through a lens that only they allow their viewers to see. Also, it leaves the question as to why they aren't being represented by anyone or managed by an entertainment company. Were they let go, found not reliable or too much for anyone to handle or put up with? These are all things going through an entertainment company would weed out over time. 
Without being properly vetted you are really just ultimately letting a complete stranger into your home. Searching for entertainment on the internet can be a good experience or a devastating experience whether using an independent artist online or even merely choosing a rookie novice entertainer. Nobody ultimately knows, but some pros may interest you more than some cons or vice versa. Anyway, whatever choice you choose please be safe when shopping online and do your own due diligence when scouting for professional entertainment online. I hope my short blog about whether or not booking a stripper(s) on Instagram is safer than booking a stripper from a stripper booking agency online.

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Sunday, October 25, 2020

What Does It Take To Become A Stripper In Atlanta Georgia?

Not Just Anyone Can Become a Stripper in Atlanta Georgia Dancing Private Parties

There are 4 main factors to be a stripper which one must only qualify for at least to be with our company here in Atlanta. 1.) Facial looks are an obvious BIG one considering this IS a law of attracting business we are in, but you can't fully factor that all of the time because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 2.) It is important to have somewhat of a personality or be at least partially extroverted, but this top isn't a deal breaker by no means. Words don't teach, experience does. Within a few parties or a few times of getting paid, praised & lusted after almost all introverts become extroverts for the most part or a least a hybrid between the two. 3.) Needs to have "some" rhythm, stripper moves or at least a choreographed cheesy dance routine. This is important for guys but not so much for the female dancers because men are easily entertained by very little. 4.) One must be physically fit, not handicapped & have a proportionate body to muscle & body to fat ratio. This can be how they look & comfortably fit into the outfit they audition in. This could also be how they came out of "said clothing" while dancing & how they performed with their too much access of or lack of fat, muscle, tight skin or loose skin. I'm not sure all the varying combinations and can't remember but it's a case-by-case basis. 

Atlanta Male Strippers

Male strippers have to either which way undergo 3 discount training parties for only $75 + tips. If they complete that they move on to regular dancer upfront pay of $125 +tips. If they fail or get a complaint the male dancer in training must reset his parties & now do 5 parties successfully without any errors or hiccups. Failure to do this disqualifies the applicant and he must wait until next year (6 months minimum or a full calendar year) to reapply for a male stripper position with MC Entertainment & Services. 

Atlanta Female Strippers

All new female strippers with our company have to shadow a party with a girl(s) and participate in it and get fully nude. Shadowing is not paid but the dancers usually tip out if they see the new dancer did well & worked her butt off or not. After we get positive feedback from the dancer(s) and client then we put the dancer up at regular pay. No lengthy discounted training parties to complete like we do on the male stripper's side. Most strippers weed themselves out through this thorough, yet lengthy, qualifying process without the business losing any of our 200% money back guarantee that we offer on all of our parties online. During training parties, at MC Entertainment & Services, the company never offers double your money back on ANY dancers in training. This is to bring down the tension, being down the super high expectations and to allow our strippers to ease into their stripping position with our company. This genius training tactic allows for our newbie strippers to get some hands-on experience & to really put some notches on their belts... all while "still" making tons of money in the process! All this worry-free learning creates for better breeding grounds for creating strippers, training strippers in Atlanta & weeding out any wanna be exotic dancers trying to waste our time, hard efforts and our hard-earned money. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Adult Fun Things To Do In Atlanta Georgia by Trusted Adult Entertainment Businesses & Establishments

Adult Fun Things to Do in Atlanta Georgia

If you are looking for unique & fun things to do in Atlanta, then the city definitely has a lot to offer. Atlanta outings at night for most looking for a good time venture out and visit the lovely nightlife within the strip clubs and adult establishments within the city limits. The Atlanta strippers in these established Atlanta strip clubs are pleased to see patrons, new & old, come out and celebrate life and the art of the human form. This kind of entertainment is of course only suited for adults 21 years of age or older in order to get into a strip joint. The age to enter most strip joints in Atlanta used to be 18 years and up until in 1984 when they raised the drinking age for alcohol from the age of 18 years of age to the minimum age of 21 years of age or older. This day and age most adult establishments, strip clubs & gentlemen's clubs only allow ages 21 & up because 80% of strip club's annual revenue derives from the sales of alcohol. So needless to say, wherever the money goes is where the strip clubs go! These days the only way you can get a stripper in Atlanta, if underage (18 years old to 21 years old), is to really just order a stripper online from a stripper delivery service or by calling up an Atlanta strip club, if you can get through to anyone, and seeing if they mind sending over exotic dancers. A lot of other adult activities in Atlanta can be found for teenagers 18 years old or older but nothing involving alcohol, nudity and adult entertainment. Upon doing google searches you will find a wide assortment of adult entertainment from burlesque shows, nude painting experiences, live porn shows, male stripper revues & more! With an entertainment mecca like Atlanta no one should feel like they can't get a healthy dose of adult entertainment no matter what your taste buds might be. 

Couples Therapy by Adult Entertainment

Couples in Atlanta love to grow within their relationships with one another by booking private strippers in Atlanta or visiting the strip clubs in Atlanta. Sometimes this is done by groups of couples and even and even swingers in the lifestyle in Atlanta. A lot of lovers in Atlanta claim that ordering strippers, for their monogamous relationships, gets things heated up when things get stale or boring in the bedroom. Why would anyone not want to try this very intriguing and fantasizing tactic to help keep your relationship(s) going the long mile. Many look at it this way... If you want to see what happens fast forwarding in a relationship if he/she will stay with you or leave you then fast forward at least 10 years in your relationship by ordering a stripper(s) for your lover(s).

Ordering Reliable Entertainment in Atlanta

Looking for trustworthy and reliable entertainment in Atlanta should be with extreme care. There is a lot of entertainment options to go with but finding something reliable is something of a whole new creature within itself. Most know not to just go with just any random entertainment company or individual advertising on Craigslist or some classified ads place online. The best way to find solid and reputable entertainment businesses in Atlanta is to simply review trust websites with real customer reviews such as Google My Business, TripAdvisor, Trustpilot, Yelp, The Knot & more trustworthy company review sites online.

Quantity Versus Quality

One last tip for ordering adult entertainment is to order quality versus quantity. This can't be ignored when ordering your party entertainment or going out on the town! These mistakes are unfortunately made more times than we'd like to admit. Do not seek out a deal because
a deal is what you'll get! You know that saying "if it is too good to be true then it likely is" well this should not be taken very lightly when it comes to adult entertainment and finding exactly what you want.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Pizza Delivery vs Stripper Delivery

How does it feel to one second be delivering pizza to delivering an Atlanta stripper the next.
Both are entertaining and they have their crazy moments. One more than the other but both are amazing jobs, and you meet some amazing and crazy people. From horny clients to hungry party fans.
While both are delivering pleasure in one way or another, they both have up and downs. While most think delivering pizza is a meaningless and boring job in a way, but it definitely has very exciting
moments. But most wouldn't know that you can have a stripper brought to you instead of going to an actual Strip club. Most people wouldn't want to go out to get pizza when it can be delivered, so a common concept is when people find now that they don't have to go out to see a stripper when they can literally be brought to you.

While both bring pleasure, it sure is more entertaining to watch clients gawk over what the girl is wearing than the watering mouth of a stoned, teenage guy. From sitting in a closed room just because the clients know your there and that because you are the girl feels safe is the most satisfying feeling. Now let's talk about money wise with delivering pizza you maybe on a good night make 50 dollars. while when your delivering an Atlanta stripper you make almost double that if the girl had a amazing night.

  One benefit of delivering pizza over a stripper is well you get to pick the music on the car ride to and from the client. Another benefit is you're not always on edge with pizza its drop it off and no worries. When we deliver a female dancer, you have to stay and make sure they are secure and safe but most importantly comfortable. you never as a pizza driver have to pay attention to your pizzas comfort level. you learn what the girls are comfortable with over time sure. but pizza its simple in the box in the bag to the door. The one thing that they both have in common is there is always the opportunity that no one will accept the pizza or Dancer.

The major benefits of Delivering for a mobile stripper service is in a way you get to enjoy the show. You get to meet interesting people for longer periods of time, and you can make friends and sometimes even family. There is another major benefit mention above is you make more money depending on how comfortable your dancer is the more money that can make because their willingness to stay and do more for the money. you definitely make more a hour being a stripper deliveryman then a pizza deliveryman. One way or another, I'm delivering pleasure, So, either way I make someone's day or "night".


My First Atlanta Stripper Gig!!!

This is dedicated to anyone considering becoming an Exotic Entertainer/Dancer,

The first day I became an official "Male Atlanta Stripper", or as I like to call it, "Exotic Entertainer", I got to my gig and was handed a Cowboy Outfit. I had on the hat, boots, tight jeans, white tank and red & black short sleeve flannel shirt. Everything but the jeans and tank were provided by the Company. I've since learned to be ready for anything and have a few different wardrobe choices on deck and ready to go. I keep a duffle bag in my truck with everything from "Construction Worker" to "Spiderman". I've even gotten requests to play a "Sexy Santa". I was originally told I was going to be a "Fireman" for this gig. In life you really have to just go with the flow.

I worked out the night before, so I was feeling pretty ripped, ready to rock my "Show". Since it was my first Gig with my first ever Adult Entertainment Company, I had to prove myself, not just for the Ladies, (especially the Ladies;) but also of the Veteran Male Stripper & owner of the Company I was hired by. I had to "Shadow" him this first run and prove I had what it took to go on Bookings by myself.

We were hired to do a Bachelorette Party, for about 30 Hispanic Ladies, or so we were told. Really about 10 showed up. I was asked if I spoke Spanish before I was Booked and of course I said, "Si, un poqúito Español.". I was always taught, if you're hired for a job, any job, and asked if you can do something, say, "Yes". You can always Google it. It makes you more valuable in any situation. Plus, growing up in New York, and the few years I lived in Los Angeles, I figured I could hold my own.

So, we get there and I'm ready to do my thing. Fresh memories of watching "Magic Mike" with Bae (you'd be surprised how many Strippers/ Adult Entertainers have meaningful relationships outside of work). I had never in the past desired to see this Movie but gearing up for my first gig, I figured what the hay, couldn't hurt right! It definitely prepared me for the opening Song we entered to, "Pony" by GENUINE, I broke out my best moves! Being of Jamaican Parentage and years of whining to Dancehall Music, was about to come in real handy, "Yaga Yo, Shabba!". At one point, I even lifted the beautiful Bride-to-Be off the ground, bouncing her up and down, her legs over my arms, her hands cupping the back of my neck, my palms doing the same to her lower back. This move has become a crowd favorite. It's not original but it is fun! She was enjoying herself and asked us to Entertain her friends.

Things were starting off great, or so I thought. When it came time for us to "work the room", we were both getting shut down, left and right. I put one chicas hand on my chest, and she pulled away. I was a little shocked and disappointed. Years of growing up insecure about my appearance came rushing to the surface. This feeling quickly vanished, as I noticed my colleague having the same reactions. So, I said, "F*@k it!" and I grabbed a chair and proceeded to seduce the audience by grinding on an imaginary, willing participant.  I could feel all eyes on me. Well, actually, I had my eyes closed. So, in my mind, that's how it was. I could feel their energy. Just when I was getting in my mode, it was time to go. There's a saying in this biz, "No tips, get out quick!". I say, "No tips, time to dip!". So, after what seemed like being there for the greater part of 15mins., we kindly excused ourselves and left. "Gracías por Tú tiempo, Señoras y Señ

My "Shows" have gotten way better and more fun since my first gig. I did learn from it though and that's what really matters. That and the $70+ I made in less than 20 minutes! "Schmoney!"

Tips For Running A Successful Onlyfans 

           This is how I've managed to stay in the top 18% of Onlyfans creators while stripping in Atlanta.

   1.  Be a good person. Customer service is a big part of this. Give credit where it's do , Avoid abusing filters or Scamming customers with false advertising.

   2. You should aim to post daily content. Keep in mind you're running a subscription not a one time post, give the customers the content they deserve. The last thing you want is to have a boring page, be interactive with customers. Try sending a picture or a short note to all subscribers to keep them coming back to your page and viewing your content.
    3. Keep your content fresh. Don't wear the same set of lingerie or use the same sex toy in every post. Avoid posing the same in every photo. Always try using angles and lights for creative content. Expand your genres and dip into the exciting world of what the adult industry can really be. Maybe even play games with your customers, challenges , raffles.

   4. The quality of the content is big, nobody fantasizes about pixilated photos. Keep your work space clean, clutter free and organized. Try adding string lights to set the mood. Add props in the background.

   5. Knowing how to Price - don't downgrade yourself and be careful not to over charge, understand your value. 

        XOXO, Vivian Taylor 

Friday, July 10, 2020

What is OnlyFans? Why is Everyone And Their Mother Becoming a Sex Worker in America? | USA | OnlyFans Premium Account

OnlyFans is a unique website that has created a platform for people who create content to sell subscriptions of every month. With this particular website, your main objective is to gain as many followers as possible. These fans are called subscribers. Subscribers pay a monthly fee, that you set to see exclusive content. The more people who follow you, the more money you will make on your art, your nudes or whatever you are selling online. OnlyFans was not specifically created towards adult creators but as you can imagine it’s an extremely convenient way to sell your nudes, fetish content or pornos online. A good benefit to this money making site is they make sure all of your private information is kept secure.  Another great feature is you can set the price of your subscription to whatever you want and the number of subscribers you can gain is unlimited. Most artist and people using OnlyFans will set their custom monthly subscription prices anywhere between $5 all the way to $100! You will want to make your goal to sell as many subscriptions as possible, since this is how you earn a steady income. Some start on the lower end and increase their price on OnlyFans as their stock and value goes up. The higher in demand you are and the busier you get as a sex worker, typically determines how much a sex worker makes on Onlyfans. Becoming a private sex worker on the side really isn't bad side pocket money whether you just tease men with photos, sext with horny men on SextPanther, are a fetish model or are into hardcore porn. For merely just a few hours of work a day you will sometimes make 10 x what you'd make at any desk office job! With OnlyFans they let you keep 80% of your earnings, unlike most adult entertainment sites which take 30% to 60% of your earnings. Also, with OnlyFans payouts are made swiftly 5 - 7 business days after you submit the request. You’ll notice that most of these companies avoid using Venmo since many apps like Venmo are not tolerant of adult content. That is mainly why of the big trend of adult industry sex workers in the United States turning to CashApp for majority of their adult work paid transactions. I hope you got a lot out of my "What is OnlyFans?" blog entry all you need to do is sign up HERE and create a profile to sell on OnlyFans website. Be sure to start by posting close up photos of your face and body to attract people to your page and start making money! If YOU pay and subscribe to my paid OnlyFans account I will answer any questions you might have and you can see how I do things on my premium OnlyFans account online. Good luck and most importantly HAVE FUN working for yourself and becoming your own Boss Bitch!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Why Stripping Delivery Services are Safer

I am writing this to give my opinion on why ordering strippers online from a stripper delivery service is safer than going out to a brick and mortar strip club.

The main dangers of social gatherings is being in close quarters with complete strangers. You have no idea where these people have been, and if any of those people are carrying or have had COVID-19. So, do we stay home forever? Is there a way to carefully screen individuals?or do we continue to strictly enforce social distancing. Things in the world will never be the same again until a vaccine is discovered to stop the Corona Virus. With all that being said, I don't know how I feel about risking my life for any sports games, the movies let alone some hot and sexy group of girls I am thinking the strip club is also one of the last places I would want to be! I cannot remember the last time I was in a clean strip club. I am not sure where the strippers go before and after the club either. 

If you're planning a party at your own home, you can control the environment. You can clean surfaces and sanitize prior to your party. Set up hand sanitizers around the area for easy access. Guests are simple to screen, because you know them personally. The only person you'll need to take their temperature is the entertainer themself. That's easy... just go purchase a thermometer on the way back from the liquor store! Plus, it's easier to take the temperatures of your guest than it is to ask complete strangers at some night club or adult establishment. Let's be realistic here. 

Monday, July 6, 2020

Russian Stripper Now in Atlanta

I was adopted from Russia when I was 11, and everything was different in America. When I first came here, it was a culture shock. In my primary years of growth, I learned really fast about the world and how it worked. In Russia it's normal for woman to be either prostitutes or dancers. The whole country runs on sexual desires. So, when I came here, and it was the opposite it shocked me.

I grew up watching pornographic material on the television in the orphanage. Then I had to relearn the normal cultural beliefs and actions. Then, when I graduated college, I went straight into the US Army because I believed it was the right thing to do, but within two years I no longer wanted to be part of something that I didn't have much control over, and I wanted to make more money. So I looked up some jobs and nothing really got me excited until one night I called a random strip club that I found to see if they were still open and to see how old you have to be to get in.

I found out that it was not a normal Atlanta strip club but a stripper delivery service for dancers. That's when I applied, since I love to dance, and I honestly just wanted to see how it would work out. Since I was very comfortable with my body, and I knew exactly what to do to get men excited I quickly learned that I really liked being one of the hottest strippers in Atlanta. I also learned really quickly that it's all about customer service and if you want to make money you have to work your settings well.

Here in America, I make way more money than I would ever as a dancer in Russia. In Russia I would be either dead or homeless. My customers here respect me and they know that I am in fact a human. In Russia, they don't respect you and they don't consider you as a human. I love dancing and this company is very protective of their dancers and really care. They have security guards escort us to every party and they make sure that we are safe and comfortable.

MC Entertainment is the best Atlanta strip club company that I know so far, and I am not just saying that because I work for them, they really are good. They believe in customer service, and we are taught to make sure that everything goes well, and everyone has a memorable night. This company is great.

My Music Mixed Process by 12 Play

Arranging my music to my performance is an art form that I take deep pride in. I begin my process by selecting the outfit and accessories that fit the theme I'm invested in. As I pick out my clothing and accessories, I begin to embody the character I will portray during the show. After I aligned my gear, I begin to focus on syncing my intro and walk out to set the tone of the performance. The average performance set of a male exotic dancer has four segments: The intro, walkout, jam session and the slow. I use five segments, the fifth is call taste.

The intro is the crowd's introduction to the dancer. My stage name is 12play. The intro I have snippets from 2/3 of the R. Kelly's first 12 Play Albums; (XII play, and TP3: Reloaded). The melody is synced in story mode with familiar quotes that gets the crowd reflecting about the infamous "King of R&B".

Next is the walkout. The walkout in most urban dancer's mind set, is the most important part of the music mix. The walkout is a DJ or postproduction remake of a song that expresses the personality of the dancer or the theme that the dancer is trying to portray. A walkout can be any song in any genre, and it can be as short as 90 seconds or as long as 8 minutes.

Afterwards is the jam session. This is the party of the mix where are the upbeat music takes place. It can arrange from contemporary to retro music. The main key is that the tunes have to be relatable and instantly catchy to the audience's ear.

Lastly is the slow. The slow is the finale piece or final song of the track. This song is used for the largest stunt or prop that the adult entertainer uses to win the crowd over.

My secret weapon is a segment called the taste. I usually use it between the walkout and the jam session or after my jam session leading into the slow session. I usually insert this during my set to give a small preview of what to expect at the end. Just to build anticipation for the upcoming final act.

When you combine all these elements inside your music mix, as a male exotic performer your odds of making more money during the set increases dramatically. To see for yourself. Click Here.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Staying Positive In a Negative Time

An Idle mind is the Devil's workshop

Silence can become very loud. I'm a mover and I like to make moves.
So what do I do when life starts to feel dry?! Make Lemonade. Instead of feeling defeated, turn it into an adventure and make the best out of everything!

   You should be officially out of excuses. Get your projects down, make moves! Make a to-do-list and set time aside to get things completed. Try to work in at a 90/30 pace. This is where you work for 90 minutes and rest for 30 minutes. Work smart, not hard. Sometimes it's okay to knocking out the lightest task first, so you can give your self some momentum for the upcoming task.

Catch up with your kids, Learn the new math. Have a true movie night. Enjoy a date night with a special someone. Give yourself permission to indulge. Dance like you never have before, Learn new moves. These moments are gifts, take advantage of them!  

12 Play

"The COVID-19 got my Economy S-I-C-K" says Atlanta Male Stripper 12 Play with MC Entertainment & Services

  At the peak of exotic market season, we have experienced one of the worst financial hits yet. The Corona Virus has taken over continents; forcing shutdowns, curfews, layoffs, overtime and more crime at the same damn time. The media and physical evidence have form unwanted xenophobia all across the US. Citizens feel some has to be blame for the loss of their employment to feed their family.

      For most adult entertainers, March, April, May, June and July are the most lucrative times of the year.... Shit no! This is some true bullshit. In a matter of nine days, I lost well over $3000 in bookings and tips. Yes, this pandemic that got my ass looking really sick. To be honest, this was a tough ass month to pull off paying my bills knowing this virus has such a strong hold on my financial moves.  Locking out my primarily sources of income.

    Long story short this shit needs to be fucking done so I can get back to the bag! Honestly, I'm not used to staying home at all on weekends. I would rather get back to working adult entertainment in Atlanta. However, the toughest thing to do is stay occupied because you are used to working a certain schedule. This is truly a tough transition for me.  My ass is struggling. Thanks for reading and please comment down below how this worldwide pandemic is negatively affecting you. Thanks!

12 Play

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The Life of an MC Entertainment Driver/Security

The life of being a driver/Security for MC Entertainment is an experience anyone should have. If you're looking for an exciting environment after the typical nine to five, this is the place for you. You can work your average day job or just lay back and enjoy the flexibility while receiving details of bookings throughout the day. Details including the type of party, who the entertainer you're driving will be, time and location. 

These parties can last anywhere from an hour to four or five hours and to top it off you get a show of your own! Plus the experience of meeting a ton of new people all throughout Georgia. But overall you get paid to watch strippers do their thing. Some months are slower than others but when it picks up there is real money to be made. I've been driving with the company for seven years now and I love every bit of it, also getting to see different parts of GA and surrounding states makes it all worth the while. I try to make sure the entertainer's are comfortable in the vehicle and fully prepared for their clients party. MC Entertainment performers are wonderful to work with, they put on great shows, they know how to hype up the guests, and are always smiling and laughing while with the guests throughout the party. Coming to an end to this, the last thing I will say is in all my years of working with MC Entertainment, this is by far the best company to work for whether you're Security or a dancer and anyone interested should Apply Here.

MC Entertainment & Services

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