Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Life of doing security for entertainers.

The life of being a driver/Security for MC Entertainment is an experience for anyone to have. You of course work your day job and then all of a sudden you receive a call with details of the party that's going to happen and who the entertainer will be that you're either picking up or meeting at your destination. These parties can last anywhere from an hour to 4-5 hours long and to top it off you get a show of your own plus the experience of meeting a ton of new people that sometimes live around you and some that live a little ways out. But overall you get to get paid to watch strippers do their thing and also get paid doing it. Some months are slower than others but when you end up getting the call 3-4 times in a night it gets hectic but also the more parties the money you get make. I've Ben driving with the company for around 7 years now and love every bit of it, also getting to see different parts of GA and surrounding states it all worth the while. Here recently I've been driving Angel the most (and yes the girls are normally random) to each party but I also try and make sure the entertainer's are comfortable in the vehicle and also have anything they may need to be fully prepared for a party, which is someshing I do on my own just for support of the company. Angel is a wonderful performer to accompany with, she puts on a great show, knows how to hype up the guests, and is always smiling and laughing while with the guests and on the way to and from the party. Coming to an end to this, the last thing I will say is in all my years of working with MC Entertainment, this is by far the best company to work for whether you're Security or a dancer and anyone interested should look them up and check them out.

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