Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Staying Positive In a Negative Time

An Idle mind is the Devil's workshop

Silence can become very loud. I'm a mover and I like to make moves.
So what do I do when life starts to feel dry?! Make Lemonade. Instead of feeling defeated, turn it into an adventure and make the best out of everything!

   You should be officially out of excuses. Get your projects down, make moves! Make a to-do-list and set time aside to get things completed. Try to work in at a 90/30 pace. This is where you work for 90 minutes and rest for 30 minutes. Work smart, not hard. Sometimes it's okay to knocking out the lightest task first, so you can give your self some momentum for the upcoming task.

Catch up with your kids, Learn the new math. Have a true movie night. Enjoy a date night with a special someone. Give yourself permission to indulge. Dance like you never have before, Learn new moves. These moments are gifts, take advantage of them!  

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